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Watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, in addition to my regularly scheduled late-spring programming, Game of Thrones! (SPOILER) Jon Snow lives! Hooray! But now his watch has ended... I hate that the show has surpassed the books because now I'm having a Towelie moment with every episode. I have no idea what's going on.

Reading Better Than Before and working on establishing some good habits, like exercise daily, scheduling a block of time for writing, and creating a weekly "Power Hour" to just get the shizz done that wouldn't otherwise get done (e.g. purging my closet). The book has some great tips for building good habits based on personality type and reading about Gretchen Rubin's habits is motivating me to come up with some new ones of my own, too. I'm only about halfway through but I highly recommend it if you're looking to change up a few things in life or just need some inspiration and motivation.

Listening to lots of toddler music on Pandora. Rico has discovered dancing and loves to sway his little hips and shake his head whenever he hears the beat drop. I'm trying to mix in some 'real' music, too, lest he think ten different versions of Five Little Monkeys Jumping On The Bed is an acceptable example of musical variety.

Eating lots of stuff I probably shouldn't. I've been great about keeping sugar in check and staying away from sweets (minus that Tcho bar I finished off last night...) but I'm craving carbs like crazy these days. I just want to eat all things potato. Period. So I'm trying to shift focus onto protein instead (hence, reading Better Than Before to break the bad habit cycle).

Shooting film! All day, everyday. Okay, well not quite that frequently but definitely shooting lots of it. I've decided to just shoot film for all my personal work this year. Yesterday, I mailed off five rolls to the lab with photos from Mother's Day, Rico's baptism, our weekend trip to the Merced County Spring Fair, and some random daily life shots. I'm dying with anticipation at seeing how they turned out but I have to wait another week or so until the scans come in. I almost forgot what it was like, this feeling of non-instant gratification.

Planning Rico's first birthday party. We're about six weeks away and I just know it'll sneak up on us before we know it so it's time get the ball rolling. It'll be a small celebration with just family but we live in a small city apartment so it requires some forethought. I've already reserved the park across the street. Next item on the list - check in with a couple food trucks about parking on the corner and serving up lunch. The less we have to pick up, pack in, or clean up after, the better.

Dreaming about vacation. We have a trip to San Diego planned for later this summer, which I'm super excited about. We'll definitely get our fill of yummy Mexican food and sunny beach days but I'm mostly excited because my lovely friend Michelle is having her first baby literally any day now and I hate that she's so far away! I can't wait to visit them this summer and meet the newest member of the family.

Loving how active, fun, and engaging Rico is these days. He has quickly become my little buddy and I can't wait for all the adventures in store for us. In case you missed his 10-month update yesterday, you can catch it all here.

Any fun plans for the weekend? Sunday is Bay To Breakers here in the city, which means if you're not planning on actually joining the festivities you should either stay home or get out of town to avoid the madness. We're considering a trip out of town. What are you up to?




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