10 Things To Be Happy About Today

reasons to be happy today

1 | I woke up! I mean, seriously, if being alive is not reason enough to be happy about today, the rest of this list won't really matter.

2 | Coffee. It's delicious, it's easy to make, it's warm and comforting, and it's energizing. It's happiness in a cup!

3 | Rico went to sleep within ten minutes of me putting him down for his nap this morning and he's still sleeping soundly an hour later. And the choir sang Hallelujah.

4 | Food. Our fruit bowl is overflowing and our fridge is filled to the brim. This hasn't always been the case for me in life and just seeing the abundance in our kitchen fills me with gratitude everyday.

5 | Flowers. They're blooming everywhere in the city, like daily gifts from Mother Nature and, as basic as this may be, I've already purchased my first peonies of the season. One of them now lives beside the bed. #ImBasicAndIKnowIt

6 | The Husband. Waking up with him and having breakfast together as a little family, even if Rico does through his food all over the kitchen, makes mornings so much easier for this natural night owl.

7 | Scan Day! Well, technically it's tomorrow but we're now one day closer. I have five rolls I'm anxious to see and tomorrow -tomorrow!- the scans will be ready to download. I'll have to wait a teensy bit longer to get the negatives and prints, though, but that's okay. I can wait with the scans in hand.

8 | Gia & Juno. They were looking for a little extra attention this morning and I'm always happy to oblige. Honestly, nothing relaxes me more than petting those fuzzy little critters.

9 | Fresh air. The weather has been on the warmer side lately so I've been opening the windows first thing in the morning. The crisp spring air fills the apartment and keeps it cool as the suns warms the day.

10 | Motivation. I've been reading Better Than Before and finding lots of motivation and inspiration to finally adapt some healthier habits. Theresa's Post-It method for workout motivation has been surprisingly effective for me, too. I've actually managed to stick to my "workout 5 days a week" habit for three weeks now!

What are you happy about today?




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