10 Months

baptismal baby portraits


Giving kisses (when he wants to), walking and standing whenever/wherever he can, summer fruits (blueberries, strawberries, pineapple, cherries, grapes), hanging out with people, going for walks, pushing the limits


That he can't run yet.

Oh, this little guy... His personality is really starting to bloom now. He has become super affectionate and loves giving hugs and kisses. He even knows Eskimo kisses and tries so hard to be gentle as he brings his nose in close to mine. He kisses his toys, hugs his books, and is basically the sweetest baby ever.

baptismal baby portraits

He is also incredibly active and started walking just four days after hitting the 10-month mark. It started with just two little steps before falling down and now, he's all over the place. Sometimes he still falls after two or three steps but other times he makes it all the way across the room and down the hall before I know what's happening. He's fast. And he so desperately wants to run. As soon as he nails this whole 'balance' thing, life will never be the same.

baptismal baby portraits

Food is just as fun as ever and we've been introducing lots of new things lately thanks to a combination of weekly CSA deliveries and fun family events. Cherries are his latest fave and he full-on threw a fit when we ran out. He has two new teeth to munch all that food with and his little baby palate is expanding quite a bit, too. He's just as happy chowing down on pesto or tilapia with green chile sauce as he is with a grilled cheese and sliced pears. And he doesn't need any help with eating all that food either, thankyouverymuch. He has discovered he is an independent little boy and will assert that independence whenever he can. He wants to open the pack of crackers and take one out for himself. He wants to hold the fork, even though he's still not quite sure how to use it. He wants to hold the water cup. If I offer it to him, he turns his head away. I have to set it on the table next to him so he can pick it up himself. And when he wants more, he'll let you know with a few grunts of "Moh!" while banging his hand on the table.

His photos this month are from his baptism, which was held the day after he turned 10 months. He was his usual self and behaved just as expected - curious about everything (turning his head to look at the priest while he was pouring the water) and happily engaged as the center of attention. I took the portraits in his baptismal outfit the day after, which he tolerated for approximately three minutes before he was off and running once again.

baptismal baby portraits
baptismal baby portraits
baptismal baby portraits




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