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Watching Weediquette and Gilmore Girls. I know, so random. I don't usually talk about politics on this blog (I save that for Twitter!) but I have pretty strong feelings on our marijuana laws. I'm fascinated by the cannabis plant and the way it is used/has been used across cultures, and Weediquette is totally feeding that fascination. Gilmore Girls, on the other hand, is one of those shows I've been meaning to check out but never really have. I watched a few episodes in college because one of my high school friends was on the show but I stopped after the first season. So I'm using my late-night insomnia episodes to finally find out what happened to those crazy Gilmore ladies after Rory's first year at Chilton.

Reading The Way of Boys. Like most first-time parents, I have no clue how this whole "raising a child" thing is supposed to go down. And when I'm doing something for the first time, the bookworm/school nerd in me knows only one approach to being successful - read everything possible and get as much education as I can. So on a friend's recommendation, I picked up The Way of Boys. I'm about six chapters in but can already see how some of the information will be really useful in guiding Rico to becoming the grown-up person he was born to be.

Listening to the birds. The weather has been nice enough to leave the windows open during the afternoon and we're lucky enough to be surrounded by lots of trees in our little urban oasis. That means lots of twittering and chirping fill our days. A few days ago, a little hummingbird even paused for a moment outside our living room window, hovering in mid-air just long enough to catch Rico's eye before flitting away again.

Shooting a lot of film! I first got into photography about 20 years ago and began by shooting black and white film that I processed and developed myself. I would buy bricks (20-packs) of Kodak Tri-X 400 and shoot to my heart's content. I've recently started up again but this time with color film. I'm always trying to emulate the look of film when processing my digital images so now I'm going directly to the source and fine-tuning my film game with my trusty little 35mm. I'm super excited to share what I've been shooting and to *hopefully* begin offering my clients something different and more personal in their sessions, too.

Craving sugar. I have three months to lose the remaining baby weight before Rico's first birthday and I've stalled with the last ten pounds. Desperate measures must be taken. I've cut out processed sugar until his first birthday and, naturally, it's now the only thing I want to eat! Three months sugar-free requires channeling the deepest depths of my will power but I must do it. I must, I must, I must. I know it'll feel so good to have more energy, wear my pre-pregnancy pants, and set a good example of healthy eating for Rico, but now I'm counting down the days to his birthday for a whole new reason - birthday cake!

Wishing Rico's teeth would just come already! He had one new tooth break through the gums this week and it looks like there are about three more just beneath the surface waiting to make their appearance. It's those three beneath the surface that are giving him trouble, though. He handles teething fairly well but you can still tell it's hurting him a bit, and that just plain ol' breaks my heart.

Dreaming of vacations soon to come. The Husband and I have a trip to San Diego on the books for later this summer and we're making plans for a European vacation next year. Travel is the last piece in the "feeling like my normal self again after having a baby" puzzle and we're excited to have some family vacations finally on the books.

Loving everyday. The fog of parenting a newborn sometimes made it hard to remember to find love and gratitude in the everyday. I've been making a concerted effort to focus on the positive and absorb the goodness each day brings and it feels pretty darn good.

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  1. Ugh teething is the worst. Henry is cutting his first tooth right now and all evening yesterday was hysterical. It was heartbreaking and I may have shed a few tears myself. Glad Rico handles it well. Love hearing how everything is going :)


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