Six Months

milestone baby portraits


Cuddles, naps in the Solly wrap, checking out the Christmas tree, tongue clicking, walks in the park


Teething, nap time in his bed, teething, oh, and did I mention teething?

milestone baby photography

milestone baby photography

milestone baby photography
milestone baby photography
milestone baby photography
milestone baby photography

Six months. Twenty-six weeks. Half a freaking year. I feel like we've been trudging uphill through the most challenging part of life with a new baby and finally reached the halfway point. The Husband and I are working out the kinks in this whole parenting thing, slowly but surely finding our groove, and after a rough month 5-to-6, Rico is getting to be more independent each day and, consequently, lots more fun to spend time with.

Early in December, the little guy started teething and needed lots of comforting and distraction to feel better. I hadn't used my Solly wrap in a while but I reached for it in a moment of desperation and sure enough, he was totally calm once snuggled inside. I was usually wearing him for a few hours each day, nearly all month long, but I didn't mind it much. He's very interested in the world around him, even when feeling miserable with pesky little teeth busting their way out of his gums, so we took a lot of walks outside to keep him distracted and happy. Then, just a few days before Christmas, baby got his first cold! That's one of those milestone entries for the baby book, right? It was the family's first cold, actually. We all got it! I'm pretty sure I was patient zero and I felt so terrible for getting him sick. The kid loves his pacifier right now and always has it when he goes to sleep, but his little nose was so stuffed up he couldn't suck on it and breathe at the same time! Totally a heart breaker. Neither of us got much sleep for a few days there but his infant immune system didn't waste any time kicking that cold's bootie. It took The Husband and I nearly two weeks to get better but Rico was happy and healthy again in half that time.

With all that happened since his June birth, turning six months felt like a milestone. An occasion worth capturing in a special way. I couldn't let go of the idea of milestone photos that were very simple - a clean black and white so the focus was purely on his sweet features and expressions. To make it extra special, he wore his daddy's white baptism outfit. Yay for vintage baby clothes! I can't wait to capture him in this way for each birthday and document all the ways he changes over time.




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