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Hello, weekend. I'm so happy to see you! Last weekend, The Husband was out of town for four days for a work conference and it was just me and little Rico holding down the fort. It was exhausting and basically required the whole week for me to recover! It also gave me a whole new appreciation for single parents like my mother who were holding down the fort on the daily all by themselves. This weekend, not only is The Husband sticking around but my MIL is also coming up to give us time off from parenting for a day-date! We haven't had time together just the two of us since our anniversary in September and we are both looking forward to it. When I set my personal and professional priorities for 2016, more "just the two of us" dates was high on my list and this is hopefully just the first of many this year. We're not doing anything super exciting - just a movie and lunch - but it's amazing how something that would otherwise make for a bland, typical weekend a year ago is now considered bold and adventurous!

And Sunday brings yet another adventure because I'm finally getting my hair cut - another thing that hasn't happened since September. I'm thinking about playing with color, too, and that has me super nervous. In a good way, but still nervous. I haven't colored my hair since my sophomore year of college! Should be fun ... I hope. Follow along on Instagram if you want to see the results. Assuming my hair doesn't all fall out from the shock of finally getting attention.

What do you have planned for the weekend?




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  1. I totally get that! I am alone w Henry we'd, thurs, fri because Michael works. When Saturday rolls around I'm exhausted. We got away for a day date a couple weeks ago for my birthday. We had brunch and went to one winery nearby. We weren't gone long and it was very different than my past wine tasting trips but it was so nice to have adult time and get away for a few hours. Hope you guys have a great time! Can't wait to see the new hair!


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