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Watching Top Chef at this precise moment but Making A Murderer nightly. For the second time, actually. I was so in shock the first time I don't think I fully processed everything that happened.

Reading nothing really, unless you count children's books. One of my priorities this year (<-- not a "resolution") is to make more time for reading. And I mean something a little more adult than Giraffes Can't Dance or The Going To Bed Book.

Listening to Serial season two, mostly while I edit at night. I was a little disappointed that it's not about Adnan but I'm totally intrigued by the story anyway.

Eating lots more veggies and fruit now that Rico is eating solids. I find myself eating a little bit of whatever I'm giving him, and I'm trying to introduce mainly just produce for now, so I end up eating a little healthier, too. Thank god for that because I totally pigged out for the entire month of December.

Drinking coffee. All the time. I wouldn't be surprised if Rico's first word is coffee because I talk about it, make it, and drink it, all the dang time.

Craving a getaway. Something fun in an unfamiliar place that we can get lost in and explore together.

Wishing I could duplicate myself and have one Stephanie to do all the work things and the other Stephanie to do all the house/baby things. We'd trade off, of course, so neither of us gets burnt out.

Dreaming of a whole new wardrobe. Does anyone else get this way mid-way through winter?

Loving the little personality Rico is starting to show. The kid can be a little dramatic and he seems to be developing quite the temper, but he also cheers up easily and laughs at the silliest things. And he's learning to give hugs, which is basically the cutest thing ever.

Wondering what your plans are for the weekend? Anything fun?




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  1. So nice to hear what's going on with you. I hear ya about wishing there were two of you! I feel the same way. It's so hard to fully enjoy parenting or work when you feel torn between the two. I always seem to just pick parenting ;)


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