Currently | Vol. 2

pink peonies

Watching Project Runway.  Literally, as I type this.  It's one of the few reality competition shows I actually watch, along with Top Chef.

Reading Drums of Autumn, the fourth book in the Outlander series.  I like this one better than the last two but the first is still the best in the series.

Listening to the baby monitor while Baby T sleeps.  He got some shots today so he's been a little fussy, but he's finally sleeping peacefully.  Let's hope it lasts!

Eating or, rather, not eating breakfast these days.  My mornings are usually pretty busy with feeding everyone else (baby & piggies) that I tend to forget to feed myself.  Or I remember but it's already 11am and almost time for lunch so I might as well just wait and eat at lunchtime.  I really need to get back to my healthy breakfast routine!

Drinking lots of coffee.  Coffee, coffee, coffee.  It's the one thing I do manage to consume before 11am everyday.

Writing lots of thank you cards for baby gifts.  I'm still behind but they are getting out, slowly but surely.

Craving Nutella and some time alone.  Nutella I can get pretty easily but alone time is a whole other story.

Wishing there were more hours in the day.

Planning to exercise more regularly.  I've been walking since I got the doc's approval to be active again but I think I'm ready to up my game.  Any tips for setting a workout routine with an infant?

Loving that The Husband and I get a grown-up day this weekend.  We're going to see my sister-in-law in one of her final performances of Beach Blanket Babylon and my MIL is babysitting!  Score!

Wondering what you have planned for the weekend.  Anything fun?





Food for Thought

infant baby photos

Did you know this month was National Breastfeeding Month?  I've seen articles here and there about it on Facebook and on the blogs I follow but I've mostly tried to avoid them.  We struggled with breastfeeding from Day 1 and, after many consultations and attempts to Tim Gunn it and just "make it work" we've switched to exclusively formula feeding Baby T (more on that struggle later).  So when I see yet another article about breastfeeding I tend to avoid it because, guilt.

But you know what?  I refuse to feel guilty any longer.

Feeding your baby is an intimate act.  This tiny, vulnerable, adorable little human is completely dependent on you for nourishment.  In that moment, their life is literally sustained by you.  The two of you embrace each other, often heart-to-heart, always in each other's personal sacred bubble, as you spend minutes, hours even, in steady eye contact, gazing at each other and studying the details of one another's face.  It doesn't matter how the feeding is done.  It's a beautiful act no matter what.  An act of love.  That physical closeness is shared by both bottle- and breast-feeders alike.  And the beauty of the bottle is that baby can share that love and closeness with others - dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends - all have an opportunity to bond with baby through the act of feeding.  And as long as baby is getting nourishment why should it matter what form that nourishment takes?  If your baby is loved, safe, happy, and healthy, I'd say you're doing a pretty good job either way!  So no matter how you choose to feed your baby or how you might feel about that choice, take comfort knowing that each time you fill their little tummy with food you're also filling their little heart with love.





Currently | Vol. 1

Sometimes I feel like I have so many things I want to tell you and sometimes I feel like I got nothing, nada.  And, occasionally, I feel like both at the same time.  I've seen these Currently posts elsewhere and thought it seemed like a fun way to tell you everything and nothing all at once!  Happy Friday :)

golden gate bridge san francisco

Watching Playing House.  Baby T sometimes has days where he refuses to nap unless he's somehow attached to me (holding him, carrying him in the wrap, etc.).  I take advantage of the I-won't-sleep-unless-I'm-laying-on-you moments to catch up on the ol' telly.  I discovered Playing House during one such moment and proceeded to binge watch the whole first season during his nap times.  It's pretty hilarious.  I feel like women comedians are really knocking it out of the park these days.

Reading Landline by Rainbow Rowell.  I still try to squeeze in some reading time before bed.  It's one of the few parts of my pre-baby daily life that remains the same.

Listening to Jack Johnson radio on Pandora, which seems to be about 50% reggae.  On a related note, I've learned Baby T is a Bob Marley fan.

Eating tomato & blue cheese salad, with cucumber & basil.  Summer on a plate and I want it for every meal.  Except maybe breakfast.  That could be weird.

Drinking water nonstop.  It's been unseasonably warm here in SF and our apartment really heats up during the day so I've been drinking water like it's my job.

Wearing lots of maxi dresses and yoga pants.  My pre-pregnancy stuff is still too small and my maternity clothes (especially jeans) are too big.  Plus, it's hard to shop when I don't feel comfortable in my current body and I have no concept of what size I am.  Any other new moms struggle with this??

Writing blog posts by hand with a pen & paper at 4am because, insomnia.

Feeling tired, excited, bored, overwhelmed, stressed, insecure, in love... Basically, all the feels.

Wishing I could shed the baby weight as easily as I packed it on.

Planning to start shooting again in just a few weeks.  I have my first wedding of the fall/winter season in mid-September!

Loving Baby T's little voice that's starting to emerge.  He's been coo'ing for a couple of weeks now but lately I've noticed him really staring at my mouth when I talk to him and he started vocalizing a lot more - mostly "ah-goo" and "ell-oh" - I'm trying to get him to say "hello."  It's pretty cute to hear his high-pitched baby voice as he discovers how to use his mouth to make new sounds.

Happy Weekend!




Tomato Pickin'

Warm summer Saturdays beg for road trips.  So, last weekend while my sister and nephew were in town visiting, we loaded up the car seats & strollers and headed to Sonoma for the day.  One of my MIL's neighbors let us go tomato pickin' in their amazing backyard.  The tomatoes were ripe and juicy and begging to be picked so we filled our little box to the brim with as many as we could fit.  Orange, red, yellow - all ready to come home with us.  I used a lot of them to make roasted tomato & garlic soup but we reserved quite a few for my newest favorite salad - tomato, cucumber, basil, & blue cheese.  Mmm.... I could eat it all day everyday.  On Sunday, I mixed it with some corn, bacon, and a big bed of lettuce for a yummy late summer dinner.  I highly recommend grabbing some tomatoes (fresh off the vine if you can!) and whipping that salad together asap.  You won't regret it.

(The view from the neighbor's backyard...)
sonoma california

sonoma california
fresh cherry tomatoes
freshly picked tomatoes
freshly picked tomatoes
tomato cucumber blue cheese salad
summer salad with tomatoes cucumbers basil blue cheese





One Month

one month newborn photos


Eating nonstop, napping in the Solly wrap, tummy time with the piggies, walks around the park, bath time, his Blue Bear pacifier


Missing out on the action, dirty diapers, changing clothes/having onesies pulled over his head, randomly hot San Francisco days

newborn photos san francisco
Left: One Week | Right: One Month

So Baby T is actually six weeks now, but I took these photos on his one-month birthday.  By one month, we've actually started to settle into our new routines and get some semblance of a schedule down, especially at night.  I can't believe how quickly time is flying by but, at the same time, I would never want time to slow down or stand still because this kid just gets cuter and more awesome with each passing day.

one month old baby photos



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