Stow Lake

We went there.

And now it's almost like you did, too.

The truth is, I still have some work to do to get my body back into shape. I'm trying to focus on getting more fit instead of losing weight so I want to find ways to make it enjoyable. Since the kid loves being outdoors, I thought it'd be fun to explore a new (to us) area of Golden Gate Park. When we first headed out, I wasn't exactly sure where we'd end up but once I saw a sign pointing to Stow Lake, I had a feeling it'd be the perfect place for a walk.

And I was right.

Multicolored leaves still dotted the trees and, after a few days of much needed rain, the sun was out shining again.

stow lake golden gate park

My little walking buddy.
stow lake golden gate park

We started off at the boat house then walked all the way around the lake. The whole time, I kept thinking how much I'd like to go back and shoot a session there. About halfway around, I decided to sit down and take a little break so Rico could stretch his legs and look around. As soon as we sat down on the bench, about ten little ducks came over to check us out. They were clearly used to people feeding them or leaving crumbs whenever they sat there. Unfortunately for them, we didn't have any food with us, but they still hung out nearby until we got up to leave.

stow lake golden gate park
stow lake golden gate park
stow lake golden gate park
stow lake golden gate park

On the drive over, I thought Rico would fall asleep once we started walking. Instead, he was mesmerized the whole time. He really does love being outside and he really loved watching the ducks. If the look on his face isn't motivation enough to get outside more, I don't know what is.

And maybe next time, we'll bring some snacks for the ducks, too.




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