Five Months

five month old baby milestones


Giving high fives (sometimes), being outdoors, hanging upside down (future gymnast? circus performer?), watching the piggies


Naps. It's a never-ending battle.

five month old baby photos

Hey, remember that time I took the whole month of November off from blogging? Oops. Totally didn't intend to do that but, I have to say, it was really nice to step away for a while and take a little break. I'm slowly finding my balance in this whole "work from home" thing. It has been quite a challenge but I'm grateful I at least have the option. It's tons of fun watching this little guy grow up. Sometimes I feel like I can actually see the wheels turning in his mind as he figures things out and learns new skills. This month, he started responding to his name, giving high fives, and fake coughing for attention. You can totally tell it's fake, too.  It's just this faint little ah-ha ah-ha ah-ha. Like almost a fake laugh but not quite. And then he looks at you and smiles immediately after.

He also found his feet and loves trying to get those toes in his mouth. What is it with babies and eating their feet? Occasionally, when prompted by dad, he even holds his bottle. Not for me, though. No, for me he lazily scratches his head and rubs his belly while guzzling down his bottles in bliss.

five month old baby photos

He actually likes getting his diaper changed but he really loves looking at "the cute baby" in the mirror afterward. He turns on the charm and sometimes plays bashful when meeting new people. He's a little nature baby who loves being outdoors. Sometimes he just sits and stares at the tree outside our window. Recently I took him for a walk in Golden Gate Park. We took a bottle break and sat on a bench near a pond. While he was staring up at the trees, a gust of wind shook one a bit forcefully and as soon as he saw it, Rico started laughing. It was so sweet to see him amused by something so simple as wind blowing through a tree.

five month old baby photos

Even though he smiles easily, you still have to work for the laughs. Unless you're a guinea pig. Guinea pigs get all the laughs, smiles, and fascinated stares. I've actually been quite impressed by how comfortable the piggies are with him, too. Gia checks him out every now and then and lets him pet her, but any sudden movements or squeals and she goes running. Juno, on the other hand, has been surprisingly calm with him. She sits patiently while he reaches out to pet her with his chubby baby fingers, and sometimes even gives them a loving lick.

On the day he turned five months, he went on his first plane ride. I was worried about how he'd do but he was a champ. He laughed during takeoff and slept through landing. He was his usual smiley self and totally charmed everyone around us.

five month old baby photos

So far, he seems to be quite the goofy little guy who loves being where the action is. We still struggle daily with the nap thing, partly because he just wants to party all day. But despite the nap time cry-fests, life with him gets more fun with each passing day and I'm actually finding parts of this whole parenting thing that I enjoy. He's a sweet, silly, drool-y little baby and we wouldn't have him any other way.




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