They Grow Up So Fast

three month infant photo

He grew out of the 0-3 month size right when he reached two months.  While the kid is definitely not lacking in the clothes department, he only had a few things in the 3-6 month size.  I took advantage of a sale at Old Navy and ordered a couple of 3-6 month items.  I waited and waited for the delivery and finally decided to check the tracking info.  Turns out, the package had been "delivered" four days before.  Based on the time listed on the tracking info, it was delivered while we were out running a few errands.  Now, our postman has a bad habit of leaving packages on the sidewalk in front of our apartment.  Sometimes he rings the doorbell and is just driving away by the time I get to the door.  At least then I can grab the package and bring it inside.  But sometimes I'm not home, and he still leaves the package.  I've arrived home from grocery shopping to find a package sitting in front of the garage door, just begging to be picked up by someone, anyone.  But I've also come home to find packages ripped open with their contents missing.  I've asked him not to leave anything outside our gate, to please ring the doorbell or leave a noticed and I'll gladly come pick it up from the post office, but still, he leaves them.

I mean it's not like we live in an urban neighborhood on a street that gets a lot of daytime foot traffic.  Oh, wait ...

I contacted Old Navy and explained what happened.  They generously offered to reship the items using UPS instead of the US postal service if I still wanted them.  Well, of course I still wanted them!  My kid needs pants!  Finally, about three weeks after I originally placed the order, a little package arrived at our door.  I was so excited I ripped right into it and pulled out the cutest little pair of gray sweat pants.

And wouldn't you know, they were too small.  The kid is already wearing the next size up.




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