Friday Five | The Fall Edition

Happy Friday, folks!  We are firmly into October now and even though it's been in the 80s around here lately, I'm finding little signs of fall everywhere.  Here are just a few things I'm loving right now about the changing seasons.

1 | Fall Fashion

cardigans for fall

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Along with tan ankle boots, I find myself craving oversized cardigans and pretty printed ponchos this fall.  These are just a few of my current favorites.  It's a little out of my seasonal budget to buy all three so I'm trying to narrow it down to the one I like most.  Tough decision.  Which would you pick?

2 | Fall Food

recipes for fall

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We all know I love a nice, hot pumpkin spice latte but I'm not into pumpkin everything.  I found everything from pumpkin coffee to pumpkin tortilla chips at Trader Joe's this week and that's taking it just a little too far for me.  But you know what I do love?  Apples.  Pears.  Pomegranates.  Squash, especially acorn squash roasted with butter and brown sugar and butternut squash soup.  And chili.  And hearty beef and veggie stew.  So many good things in season right now, why let pumpkin steal the spotlight?

3 | Fall TV

Football is the obvious fall TV favorite here for me but there are a lot of good shows returning this month and some new ones I'm digging, too.  I'm putting together a post of all my fall TV favorites because one good thing about feeding a baby every 3 hours is that it gives you a lot of time to catch up on the entertainment.

4 | The Holidays

I know I mentioned this before but I'm really excited for the holidays this year, mainly because it'll be Baby T's first ... everything!  He has been wearing his pumpkin pj's this week and they're basically the cutest thing every.  That little pumpkin hat is just the tip of the iceberg this holiday season!

5 | Shorter Days, Longer Nights

Okay, most people wouldn't put this on the "things they're excited about" list but it's definitely on there for me.  After being a rockstar sleeper and clocking in 8-9 hours a night, Baby T started having trouble staying asleep and began waking up every couple of hours for about two weeks so we dropped his last nap of the day and moved his bedtime up about two hours.  That made a huge difference and now he's sleeping about 11 hours straight, with one brief feeding at 11pm, every night.  That means The Husband and I have our evenings back!  We have dinner together and cuddle up on the couch to catch up on our favorite shows or just chat about our days.  We even got to watch an actual movie (Unbroken) last Saturday night!  Don't get me wrong, we love that baby like none other, but we love each other, too, and are thrilled we're getting to spend a little more time just the two of us.

What about you?  What are you excited about this fall?




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  1. Omg I am so jealous!!! Henry sleeps 2-3 hours at a time. What I wouldn't give to get 5 hours of strait sleep. Fingers crossed he gets better as time goes on (he is one month now).


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