Four Months

four month baby pictures


Blowing raspberries, getting kisses on the cheek, watching the piggies, going on adventures, practicing "standing" while holding onto Mom or Dad's hands


Naps (still!) and that's about it. There's not too much this kid doesn't enjoy.

fall baby photos

Did you happen to catch that height/weight stat up there? This kid is in the 99th percentile for height right now! I mean, we knew he was big for his age but, holy moly! His size 6-months clothes that he just started wearing a few weeks ago are already getting too small. I'm so grateful for all the hand-me-downs and gifted outfits we received because if we had to buy him all new stuff each time he grew out of a size, we'd probably go broke before his first birthday!

He rolled over for the first time a few weeks ago but didn't really do it again until right at the four month mark. That day, he rolled from back to tummy three times - twice while playing on his play mat and once while goofing off in his crib in an effort to avoid an afternoon nap. He hasn't quite mastered the tummy-to-back roll yet, though, so once he realized he'd rolled and couldn't get back over, he wasn't too happy about it. He tolerates tummy time in small doses but gets annoyed if he has to do it for too long so it might be a while before he learns to roll the other way.

He also noticed the piggies, and I mean really saw them, for the first time this month! They've been aware of him since we came home from the hospital and they often approach to sniff him out while playing outside the cage, but he never really seemed to notice them. He'd look at them the way babies look at anything, but it didn't seem to register that they were actual living critters until recently. I usually take him with me to their cage when it's time to feed them and I always tell him their names and what we're giving them to eat. A few weeks ago, as we approached the cage to give them their dinner, both little piggies came bursting out of their igloos as soon as they heard the food bag. When Rico saw them run out, he started squealing and flapping his arms and legs!  He got super excited and couldn't stop shrieking. He happily stayed by the cage and watched them until they finished their dinner!

baby with guinea pigs

He also likes to practice "standing" while holding our hands. It's one of his favorite things right now. He loves looking around and taking in all the sights the world has to offer and standing is another way for him to do just that. The laughter started this month, too. You have to really work for it, though. He doesn't give out laughs for just anything but he does do this fake laughing thing where he smiles and says, "Ha ha. Ha ha. Ha ha." Just like that. Ha ha. It's like he knows something's funny and she should laugh, but he's not will to commit to more than a little chuckle yet.

fall baby photos

I know I say this with every update but I seriously cannot believe how quickly the last few months have flown by. Watching him grow and change so much in such a short period of time makes it feel like I'm literally watching time pass. But still, I wouldn't want to slow it down at all. There's so much to show and teach him, so much to do together as a family, and I'm excited that he's now starting to really take in the world around him. He's eager to experience it all and we're eager to show it to him.


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