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beach in puerto vallarta mexico

Watching Project Runway.  Anyone else?  I thought I had my favorites for top three but I'm starting to change my mind after the last few challenges!

Reading Amy Poehler's Yes Please.  I feel like we could be best friends, that Amy and me.

Listening to nothing.  The kid finally fell asleep and all is quiet.  The clickity-clack of my keyboard is all that fills the silence and it's glorious.

Eating Flaming Hot Cheetos.  Let's be honest, we all knew that wasn't just a pregnancy craving.

Drinking ice cold chocolate milk.  Such a simple indulgence but oh man, it makes me happy.

Craving fall weather.  We got a little glimpse of it earlier in the week (and even had a day of rain!) and I'm definitely ready for more.

Wishing there were more hours in the day.  I've started up with shoots again, which I am so excited about, but I was just starting to feel like I had some sort of a routine down and now I have a new element in the mix - work.  We're figuring it out but it definitely leaves me feeling like I wish I could clone myself sometimes.

Dreaming of the beach and our trip to Puerto Vallarta last year.  It was so peaceful and relaxing spending the days lounging on the beach with a never-ending supply of pina coladas.

Loving that we're now officially entering the holiday season, at least in my book, and it all starts in October with Halloween.  It's no secret how much I love fall and I'm especially excited this year because it means a lot of fun firsts for Baby T.

Happy Weekend!



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