Mad for Plaid

Apparently plaid is the cool kid on campus this fall.  You'd think I'd hate plaid after it being required daily wear in my Catholic school days but, honestly, I kinda dig it.  Today's plaid has come a long way from the jumpers* of my youth and I've always been a little bit taken by the preppy-chicness of it.  I'm more than happy to break out some of my old plaid staples, and maybe add a few new timeless pieces, now that the days are getting a little shorter and the nights a little cooler.

plaid fall styles

1 | Okay, so this leather jacket is a total splurge item -no way would I ever spend that much on a jacket- but the blend of sweet & preppy plaid with sexy chic leather is perfection.

2 | This pea coat is a much more affordable option for a trendy seasonal touch of plaid.  It looks pretty cozy, too.

3 | Some sleek rain boots make a lovely subtle option for those of you that actually get rain where you live.

4 | Oh, this shirt.  I love everything about it - the drape, the colors in the pattern, the casual button-down top.  Love, love, love.

5 | This scarf feels like the kind of simple timeless accessory that will outlast the trend.

6 | A plaid umbrella?  Gorgeous.  For those of you that get rain.  Us California folks can just admire your water-drenched photos on Instagram I guess.

7 | Even water bottles are getting in on the plaid action (plaid-tion?).

8 | It doesn't get much preppier than a plaid pointy-toe flat.

9 & 10 | A bit of plaid for baby, too.  Plus, how cute are these bear paw mittens?  Such a fun way to add some plaid for the little one.

What about you - are you feeling the plaid, too?


*It was either a plaid jumper with white button-down or ... wait for it ... red culottes with a sailor-style top and tie.  You can see why I chose the plaid jumper almost everyday.  Laundry day was the worst.



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