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Did you know this month was National Breastfeeding Month?  I've seen articles here and there about it on Facebook and on the blogs I follow but I've mostly tried to avoid them.  We struggled with breastfeeding from Day 1 and, after many consultations and attempts to Tim Gunn it and just "make it work" we've switched to exclusively formula feeding Baby T (more on that struggle later).  So when I see yet another article about breastfeeding I tend to avoid it because, guilt.

But you know what?  I refuse to feel guilty any longer.

Feeding your baby is an intimate act.  This tiny, vulnerable, adorable little human is completely dependent on you for nourishment.  In that moment, their life is literally sustained by you.  The two of you embrace each other, often heart-to-heart, always in each other's personal sacred bubble, as you spend minutes, hours even, in steady eye contact, gazing at each other and studying the details of one another's face.  It doesn't matter how the feeding is done.  It's a beautiful act no matter what.  An act of love.  That physical closeness is shared by both bottle- and breast-feeders alike.  And the beauty of the bottle is that baby can share that love and closeness with others - dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends - all have an opportunity to bond with baby through the act of feeding.  And as long as baby is getting nourishment why should it matter what form that nourishment takes?  If your baby is loved, safe, happy, and healthy, I'd say you're doing a pretty good job either way!  So no matter how you choose to feed your baby or how you might feel about that choice, take comfort knowing that each time you fill their little tummy with food you're also filling their little heart with love.




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  1. I bottle fed first one (difficult birth - could barely take care of myself even days after). Nursed the 2nd one for about 20 months (he had allergy & ear infection issues from the get-go). Both are growing up quite well & thriving. Advantages & disadvantages to both. You have to do what feels right (or what your body tells you) - for each child. Hang in there -- 16 years from now thete will be many new pressing things to deal with & the bottle/breast decision won't be front & center. You're doing great. Raising children is such an adventure in every way imaginable.


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