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Watching Project Runway.  Literally, as I type this.  It's one of the few reality competition shows I actually watch, along with Top Chef.

Reading Drums of Autumn, the fourth book in the Outlander series.  I like this one better than the last two but the first is still the best in the series.

Listening to the baby monitor while Baby T sleeps.  He got some shots today so he's been a little fussy, but he's finally sleeping peacefully.  Let's hope it lasts!

Eating or, rather, not eating breakfast these days.  My mornings are usually pretty busy with feeding everyone else (baby & piggies) that I tend to forget to feed myself.  Or I remember but it's already 11am and almost time for lunch so I might as well just wait and eat at lunchtime.  I really need to get back to my healthy breakfast routine!

Drinking lots of coffee.  Coffee, coffee, coffee.  It's the one thing I do manage to consume before 11am everyday.

Writing lots of thank you cards for baby gifts.  I'm still behind but they are getting out, slowly but surely.

Craving Nutella and some time alone.  Nutella I can get pretty easily but alone time is a whole other story.

Wishing there were more hours in the day.

Planning to exercise more regularly.  I've been walking since I got the doc's approval to be active again but I think I'm ready to up my game.  Any tips for setting a workout routine with an infant?

Loving that The Husband and I get a grown-up day this weekend.  We're going to see my sister-in-law in one of her final performances of Beach Blanket Babylon and my MIL is babysitting!  Score!

Wondering what you have planned for the weekend.  Anything fun?




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  1. No baby pic :(

    Sounds like a date night is needed. I hope you two have fun.

    I'm doing so much this weekend I'm not sure how I'll fit it all in. Girls night tonight. My first Mom2Mom sale tomorrow, taking my friend on her first trip to Eastern Market, having family over for my Granny's 70th birthday, then a bonfire with friends. Sunday, blog interview, date afternoon, friend coming over in evening. Napping every free minute in between.


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