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Sometimes I feel like I have so many things I want to tell you and sometimes I feel like I got nothing, nada.  And, occasionally, I feel like both at the same time.  I've seen these Currently posts elsewhere and thought it seemed like a fun way to tell you everything and nothing all at once!  Happy Friday :)

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Watching Playing House.  Baby T sometimes has days where he refuses to nap unless he's somehow attached to me (holding him, carrying him in the wrap, etc.).  I take advantage of the I-won't-sleep-unless-I'm-laying-on-you moments to catch up on the ol' telly.  I discovered Playing House during one such moment and proceeded to binge watch the whole first season during his nap times.  It's pretty hilarious.  I feel like women comedians are really knocking it out of the park these days.

Reading Landline by Rainbow Rowell.  I still try to squeeze in some reading time before bed.  It's one of the few parts of my pre-baby daily life that remains the same.

Listening to Jack Johnson radio on Pandora, which seems to be about 50% reggae.  On a related note, I've learned Baby T is a Bob Marley fan.

Eating tomato & blue cheese salad, with cucumber & basil.  Summer on a plate and I want it for every meal.  Except maybe breakfast.  That could be weird.

Drinking water nonstop.  It's been unseasonably warm here in SF and our apartment really heats up during the day so I've been drinking water like it's my job.

Wearing lots of maxi dresses and yoga pants.  My pre-pregnancy stuff is still too small and my maternity clothes (especially jeans) are too big.  Plus, it's hard to shop when I don't feel comfortable in my current body and I have no concept of what size I am.  Any other new moms struggle with this??

Writing blog posts by hand with a pen & paper at 4am because, insomnia.

Feeling tired, excited, bored, overwhelmed, stressed, insecure, in love... Basically, all the feels.

Wishing I could shed the baby weight as easily as I packed it on.

Planning to start shooting again in just a few weeks.  I have my first wedding of the fall/winter season in mid-September!

Loving Baby T's little voice that's starting to emerge.  He's been coo'ing for a couple of weeks now but lately I've noticed him really staring at my mouth when I talk to him and he started vocalizing a lot more - mostly "ah-goo" and "ell-oh" - I'm trying to get him to say "hello."  It's pretty cute to hear his high-pitched baby voice as he discovers how to use his mouth to make new sounds.

Happy Weekend!



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