Friday Five

1 // I never really pictured myself as the baby-wearing type but our little guy loves being held upright against my chest and since that's not exactly convenient when trying to get other things done, I caved and ordered a Moby Wrap.  It took me quite a few tries, and instructional videos, to figure out how to tie it and get Baby T in but once I did, it worked like magic.  He loved it, which means it's now my new favorite baby item.

2 // So far, I've only been wearing the wrap around the house because I've been limited on how much weight I can carry (my 3-week old already exceeds my doctor-prescribed 10lb weight limit...) but I'm looking forward to testing it out this weekend.  We're planning to hit up Picnic in the Presidio with some friends this Sunday!  It'll be Baby's first social outing (doctor's appointments and Whole Foods don't count) and I think the wrap might just be the key to our success.

3 // Amazon has become my new best friend.  Basically anything and everything we need, I order it from there.  Vitamin D drops for baby?  Ordered.  Birthday present for my niece?  Ordered.  Random spray bottle?  Ordered.  Thanks to Amazon Prime's free shipping, I don't even think twice these days about clicking and checking out.  Saves so much time and energy!  Now if only Trader Joe's delivered, too...

4 // I have big plans to bake some cookies this weekend.  These cookies, to be more specific.  Gluten free versions with a few added lactation-friendly ingredients (maybe flaxseed and almonds?).  Of course, that's assuming the overwhelming urge to nap doesn't get the best of me.

5 // I'm having a hard time coming up with a fifth item but I'd like to just acknowledge that I actually wrote THREE blog posts this week!  That's a record since Baby T came along.  I feel like I'm starting to get by blogging groove back and that, my friends, is worthy of the Number 5 spot in and of itself.

Happy weekend!!!




  1. Oh he's the cutest ever - and growing so fast already. Sigh, WHY?!

  2. I've been interested in the wraps but have yet to pull the trigger. Glad to hear that Baby T loves yours! We have an Ergo (? I believe that's what it's called) carrier that Ollie is finally big enough to plunk into, so we're going to test that out soon!

    You ARE awesome to have written three blog posts last week! I can barely muster one these days, though I'm hoping to get my energy/mojo back soon. Hope your first social outing as a family goes well!


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