It's Amazing What A Coat Of Paint Can Do

As of Friday at approximately 3pm, we had a few things stuffed in boxes but were still living in a mostly set up, untouched apartment.  Twenty-four hours later, we were out and our neighbor was fully settled in.  (We switched units with our neighbor to take over a larger apartment in our building and make room for Baby T!)  Somehow, someway, we managed to pack everything up and complete our end of the move by noon Saturday.  We had help from a friend, a guy we hired off Task Rabbit, and a cleaning crew of three to get ish done, though.  There's no way we could've done it just the two of us!  The new apartment is larger, with a lovely view, but some previous tenants (not our current neighbor) painted it some pretty hideous colors, so we headed to Home Depot Saturday afternoon to pick up some paint and start the DIY transformation.  I am kind of amazed at the progress were were able to make in just a few days, especially since it was just the two of us for this part of the moving process.  We managed to paint the bedroom and living room, unpack and fully set up both rooms, and unpack and set up the kitchen & bathroom!  We still need to paint the office/nursery and get that set up but overall, I'm happy with how things are looking just four days into the new place.

Here are some before-and-afters of the bedroom.  We still need to decorate, get some curtains (our old ones are too small for this window), and add a few finishing touches but all the basics are in place.

before and after bedroom painting
before and after bedroom painting

I know what you're thinking.  "But Stephanie, the wood paneling and puke green wall are so lovely, how could you possibly paint over them?"  It was a tough decision but someone had to do it.

The view from the living room is pretty awesome.  The city skyline looks so lovely on a sunny afternoon but, of course, Karl the Fog came sweeping in by the evening!

scenic views of san francisco

Needless to say, things have been pretty busy around here.  The blog may be a little quiet for the rest of the week as we continue to settle in and I prep for my last wedding before Baby's arrival.  I'll miss you over the next few days, but I'll be sure to share some more before-and-afters as we get the other rooms all set up.  And, of course, you can always follow along on Instagram for all kinds of life & session updates. :)





  1. Gorgeous! Paint works miracles. We recently did the same with our place.

  2. Baby time already?! Yikes I can't wait


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