Friday Five

1 // It's moving day!  Well, sort of.  Technically it's tomorrow but I'll be spending most of today boxing up stuff and getting organized.  It's an easy move as far as moves go -a larger apartment in our same building- and while I'm not all that excited about the actual packing/unpacking part of the move, I am excited about the other fun moving-related stuff.  Painting the place, setting up the rooms, organizing my new office/nursery space (taking inspiration from Joy on that one) and being in a new environment.  Right now, the apartment is painted various shades of poop brown so I'll be sure to take some before & after shots to share.  It's pretty amazing what a fresh coat can do to spruce up a place.

2 // We had another ultrasound this week to check on Baby T's growth and measurements.  Um ... this baby is huge!  He/she is measuring two weeks ahead of schedule and the current estimated weight is almost five and a half pounds.  To quote the doc, "You're definitely not having a 6- or 7-pound baby.  Think more like 8.5 to 9 pounds at least."  No wonder my hips and lower back have been so sore lately!

3 // I've recently re-discovered the ice cream maker we received as a wedding gift so I'm planning on christening the new kitchen with my all-time fave flavor, mint chocolate chip.  We're expecting some fresh mint in this week's CSA delivery and this recipe has my name written all over it.

4 // Speaking of ice cream, I've got to get my sugar cravings in check again.  I did surprisingly well with my Lenten promise and stuck to it for all 40+ days.  Then I went a little cray-cray the week after Easter to make up for missing my drug of choice for so long.  I've had chocolate in some form pretty much everyday since so I'm going to try and exercise a little restraint as we move into May.  Mint chocolate chip ice cream being the exception, of course (it's not May yet!).

5 // And finally, some pretty blooms to brighten your Friday from @lamamanheureuse!  Don't forget to share your floral photo with the hashtag #TSFridayFlowers to see it featured here in the future!
Happy weekend!



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  1. Congrats on the new place! Loving how it's looking so far (on IG)


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