Friday Five & Some Instagram Fun

1  //  I love flowers and I love Instagram so, while browsing the Trader Joe's flower section, I got the brilliant idea to have a little fun with those loves and create an Instagram challenge for all of us!  And I've made it as easy as ABC:

A. Share a photo of flowers
B. On Fridays
C. with the hashtag #TSFridayFlowers.

The "TS" is for Twentieth Street, so I can be sure to find you!  No other themes or daily/weekly prompts to follow, and the whole "flowers" thing is totally open for interpretation.  Real flowers, fake flowers, sketches of flowers, floral prints - whatever you like!  Just share some pretty blooms on Friday to welcome the weekend and help make all our Insta-feeds a little bit brighter.  I'll be highlighting a few of your photos each week so be sure to include the hashtag if you'd like to see yours featured here!

friday flowers instagram link up

2  //  And speaking of features with beautiful flowers, Emily & Ralph's gorgeous fall wedding is being featured on Style Me Pretty today!  Fun fact: I found out I was pregnant the week of their wedding and spent the entire five days leading up to it puking multiple times a day.  Yippee!  Needless to say, I was really happy to have all the prettiness of their special day to distract me from the never-ending nausea. :)

romantic fall wedding photography

3  //  My mother-in-law and sisters-in-law hosted a co-ed baby shower for us over the weekend.  The dudes drank beer and watched "the game" (whatever game was on that day...) while the ladies ate gluten-free cupcakes and chatted about baby stuff (and work stuff and life stuff, too).  It was really great to spend some time with family and friends -possibly our last opportunity to do so while childless- and see so many people excited to meet Baby T in June.

gender neutral baby shower details

4  //  It was a full-on family weekend with Easter being the day after the shower.  The Nieces hunted for Easter eggs, The Husband drank some booze after 40 days without it, and I ate enough sugar and chocolate to make up for all I missed during the entire Lenten period.  It was divine.

family easter photos

5  //  Juno is fitting in nicely to our family life and getting along really well with Gia.  The vet discovered a mild case of ringworm when we took her in for an exam so she's currently being quarantined until her round of anti-fungal medication is over (btw, I thought it was an actual worm/parasite, turns out it's just a fungal infection).  Since we don't want Gia to catch it, too, we haven't been allowing them direct contact with each other, but Gia still stops by her cage everyday to check in on her new little sis and give her some guinea pig kisses.  And Juno is getting comfortable exploring some very limited areas of the apartment all by herself.

baby guinea pig

Happy Weekend!




  1. so fun to see these glimpses of the fun!

  2. Awww Juno... I'm so glad she's fitting in well :)

  3. She really is fitting in & adjusting surprisingly well. She has warmed up to us faster than even Molly or Gia. After just two weeks, she's already responding to her name, coming to the edge of the cage to be pet, following us around when we let her out for play time, and is totally comfortable lounging outside of her igloo. It took Molly a good month or so before she'd willingly let me pet her and Gia took even longer than that!


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