Over The Weekend

The Husband and his dad went on a boys' trip to the Giants spring training in Arizona over the weekend so I had the place all to myself for two whole days.  I had big plans to explore new neighborhoods, get a lot of work done, and go hiking, then basically ended up doing none of that.  Instead, I enjoyed what was probably one of my last all-to-myself weekends by indulging some of my secret single behaviors.  An at-home mani/pedi, a dinner consisting of an entire wedge of brie with some apple slices and gluten-free crackers, grown-up coloring, lots of bad TV and lame-but-oddly-satisfying movies (Neighbors, Twilight ... I know, I know), walks around the neighborhood, cuddles with the piggies, and playtime with my camera.  It turned out to be a pretty low-key weekend and it was exactly what I needed.

We have these gorgeous Asiatic lilies I found at Trader Joe's so I decided to step outside my standard portrait box and have a little fun experimenting with prisms and textures to bring out the flowers' details.

asiatic lilies with rosemary

asiatic lilies with rosemary

orange asiatic liliesorange asiatic lilies
orange asiatic lilies
orange asiatic lilies

How was your weekend?




  1. Oh my goodness, grown-up coloring. Expecting a little one already has me wanting to buy the big pack of crayons and colored pencils, and Spencer keeps joking that I'll have to buy two coloring books at a time: one for Baby J, and "Mommy's coloring book." Because yeah, I'll flip out if my pages get scribbled on.

    Your weekend sounds lovely! Though I rarely have days to myself, I do often have evenings alone -- and I love watching all the trashy shows on my DVR, reading magazines and putting my pajamas on at 5 p.m. Since our chance to indulge may soon be scarce, sounds like you made a great use of your time!

  2. Alone time is so so so important - cleaning the house, mani/pedi, reading, eating peanut butter straight from the jar - yes to all those things!


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