Friday Four

1  //  Last weekend, The Husband and I explored a new neighborhood not too far from us.  Bernal Heights.  We started off with a hike around Bernal Heights Hill, then had lunch at Bernal Star.  Their delicious brunch/lunch menu made it really hard to choose just one item but when I saw they could make the burgers with a gluten-free bun, the decision was made.  Afterwards, we walked around the main strip and found a few other restaurants we want to go back and try (they're only open for dinner, otherwise I may have been tempted into a second lunch...).  We also discovered a new shop, The Epicurean Trader, and ended up buying some yummy cheeses and a banana-honey peanut butter that has been topping my gluten free waffles all week.  I'm excited to go back after Easter and pick up some of those pretty chocolate bars, too!

bernal heights photos

2  //  My wedding season officially kicks off this weekend!  I haven't shot a full wedding since November so I'm looking forward to spending the day with these two and capturing lots of little moments of love tomorrow.

engagement photos at crissy field

3  //  I'm officially in the third and final trimester of this pregnancy!  I hit 28 weeks this week (some sources say 27 is third trimester, some say it's 28 - it's so confusing) so we're counting down the next 12 until we find out whether this little human kicking me all day long is a boy or a girl.  Overall, the second trimester wasn't that bad.  Other than the stuffy nose and the occasional back aches, it was much more pleasant than expected.  Things are already starting to feel a little tight and uncomfortable though (seriously, where is everything going to go over the next 12 weeks?  I feel like I'm already running out of room!) so I have a feeling the "pleasant" days of pregnancy are coming to an end.

progression of pregnancy in second trimester

4  //  This one is a little sad to report.  Molly's health seems to have taken a turn in the last few days.  Just two days ago, she happily came out of her cage to hang out with Gia and give lots of guinea pig kisses in exchange for some blueberries.  But now, she's not really moving around much and she's not eating either.  She still wants food, but it seems difficult for her to eat and after a few bites, she stops.  The lymph nodes under her neck and back legs are significantly larger than they were just a few days ago so we're concerned that's was causing her to have trouble eating.  It completely breaks my heart because she's just not herself right now.  Even when she was having trouble walking a few weeks ago, she would still perk up when I talked to her, responding with little chuts and squeaks and purrs, get excited for food, and have no trouble eating or drinking.  Now, she's not very vocal and mostly just quietly lays in her little igloo.  She has a vet appointment for this afternoon but it's not looking good.  All we can really do for her right now is cuddle her and tell her how much she's loved.

guinea pigs on bed

Please keep my little piggy love in your thoughts today.  She has put up such a strong fight thus far but I fear she may not be with us much longer. :(

guinea pig photos





  1. Your husband's faces always kill me! Haha.

    You're such a cute pregnant lady :-) I don't know if I could wait to find out if it was a boy or a girl.

  2. I know that Eric face. He's a goofball in front of the camera!
    You look beautiful at every phase. A lovely pregnancy.
    I will miss your Molly, my first grandguinea. Always so hard to lose a beloved pet.

  3. You and your bump are positively radiant. I am thinking of you and your little family during this time. Big hugs to you all


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