Awkward & Awesome | Pregnancy Edition

26 weeks pregnant

1 \\  There are so many random pregnancy symptoms that no one really warned me about beforehand.  The stuffy nose being the worst.  It's basically impossible to breath when laying down and you know what you have to lay down to do?  Sleep.  Last night, I snore/snorted so loudly I woke myself up.  Why?  BECAUSE I COULDN'T BREATHE!!  My mouth was totally parched from the mouth-breathing and I've woken up with dry/cracked lips so often I've lost count.  Saline nasal sprays help, but they don't completely cure the problem.  And nasal strips were working for a little while but after a few days of wearing them every night, I started breaking out on my nose exactly where the strips went.  At one point, I had three little pimples all in a perfect line right across the bridge of my nose.  Lovely.

2 \\  Watching the numbers on the scale continue to rise can be very scary.  I know it's all for a good reason and I haven't really been obsessing about it (at least, not as much as I know I could be) but I've maintained roughly the same weight for most of my adult life -minus freshman year of college ... let's not go there- so seeing those numbers creep up on a weekly basis is strange.  At least, I think it's strange.  I can't actually see the numbers over my belly now but I do a quick "lean forward to check but try not to fall over" after each weigh-in.  After gaining exactly nothing until week 16, I've been averaging about 1.5 lbs increase a week since then, but that's definitely not consistent.  Some weeks there's no change at all and some weeks I've gained as much as 5 lbs in just seven days.  Talk about awkward.

3 \\  Clothes.  The bane of my existence right now.  I've reached a point now at roughly seven months pregnant where I wear more maternity clothes than regular clothes but still occasionally fit into a 'regular' outfit, mostly maxi dresses and loose-fitting tops.  But I also seem to be in between maternity sizes because some things are just a tad too tight for comfort while the next size up will fit around the belly but be too loose in the chest.  I've just decided to go for things that are on the bigger side because, at the rate I'm expanding, they'll most likely fit in a week or two anyway.  And then be too tight another week after that.  Yippee.

1 \\  As awkward as the belly is for me, other people seem to really like it/respond well to it.  The other day I was running errands downtown and met up with The Husband for a quick coffee (yes, I'm still drinking coffee).  As I was walking to his office, I passed by the SF Art Institute where a bunch of students were hanging out outside.  Out of nowhere I hear one of the girls shout, "Aw, how cute!!!  Baby on the way right there!  Look!!!"  Not realizing she was talking about me, I looked around to find out who the obviously-pregnant lady was on the sidewalk and noticed I was basically surround by a bunch of dudes in business suits and tech wear (aka hoodies and skinny jeans).  It was me!  I was the obviously-pregnant lady she was referring to!  Hey, at least she said I was cute...

2 \\  People are really nice to you when you're pregnant.  Seriously, if you ever doubted whether chivalry still exists in the world, get knocked up and see for yourself.  People open doors for you, give you their seat on the bus, pick things up for you when you clumsily drop them (which is especially nice because bending over isn't really an option at this point), and just generally smile and soften up around you when they notice the belly.  It's a little sad that it takes being pregnant for strangers to show basic manners but, hey, I'll take it!

3 \\  Feeling the baby move is kind of fascinating to me.  It's a totally weird and foreign sensation and I'm pretty sure I'll never get used to it, but it's also very entertaining.  Baby is super active and has been ever since the beginning.  In fact, our doc had a hard time getting ultrasound photos at our 10-week appointment last fall because Baby wouldn't stop rolling around and moving its little arms and legs.  But now, I can actually feel all those little movements basically any time I'm sitting still.  It's to the point now where it's visible from the outside too, which really blows my mind.  I can't even describe how freaky it is to be editing photos or reading in the evening and see little jerking movements in my abdomen, like it's trying to break free of its watery womb enclosure.  It definitely adds to the feeling of being a walking science experiment but in a way that's actually kind of cool.





  1. You've got such a cute bump! (and I have that dress from Target too!). Glad to know it'll work as maternity where if/when I need it.

  2. It totally works for maternity! It has just enough stretch that it's worked for me through the first two trimesters but I'm quickly reaching a point where I may have to retire it until after baby arrives. :)

  3. Those awkward things sound pretty terrible but are more than made up for by the awesome things. And of course you're that cute pregnant lady. I wouldn't have expected anything less


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