Friday Five

1 // I have a new nephew!  Levi Jason was born Tuesday afternoon and I, as the proud auntie, immediately went on a shopping spree for cute baby stuff to send him as a birthday present.  He's a handsome little man (as expected) but we're refraining from too many internet pictures at this point.  So I'll show you some of the cute stuff I bought for him instead. :)

H&M baby clothes

2 // Molly has now hit the 6-week mark since her vet discovered she had lymphoma.  She's officially passed the initial 2-5 week prognosis!  I knew that little piggy wouldn't give in easily.  She still has a pretty hearty appetite, looks generally healthy (clear eyes, shiny full coat), and likes to come out to play with her toys and cuddle on the couch.  The cancerous lymph nodes are significantly larger, though, and they're slowing down her mobility just a bit.  She has a little bit of a waddle to her walk and when she tries to run she does this funny little bunny-hop thing.  On the other hand, she actually wants to run and play so I'm taking that as a good sign that she's not actually in any pain.  The downside to her hearty appetite/limited mobility is that she's gained a little bit of weight recently but I'm not about to put her on a diet at this point.

3 // We're tentatively planning a babymoon for some time in the next month or two and right now, we're between Chicago and Maui.  I know that seems like a no-brainer for some but Chicago has a special place in my heart and I still have a few friends that live there, too, so the decision is a tough one.  (Btw, when did 'babymoons' become a thing anyway?)

Chicago / Maui

4 // We have dinner plans with friends this weekend and it's quite possibly the last time I'll hang out with many of them sans bebe.  Needless to say, I'm super excited.  And a little bit sad/nostalgic even though bebe isn't actually here yet.

5 // And speaking of things to be excited about, I'm already looking forward to Lent being over and we're only about 10 days into it.  The no-sugar thing has been tough but I just realized something making it all the more difficult.  I completely forgot spring is the time for my all-time favorite seasonal candy - the Reece's peanut butter egg!  I'm going to eat about 50 million of them come Easter Sunday.  Okay, maybe not 50 million, but at least a solid dozen.  That's reasonable, right?

PS - I totally saw the dress and white and gold.  Still do.

Happy weekend!




  1. I have resisted the Reese's eggs so far, but I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out! And the dress, I saw blue and black. All the way. I forced everyone around me to tell me what they saw too. I was pretty much the most annoying person in the house last night ;-)

  2. It's crazy to me how people are seeing it so differently! The Husband also saw and white and gold, then looked at me like I was nutso for even asking him the question. But - one of my photog groups on FB is pretty evenly split between blue/black and white/gold so, of course, we're all questioning our ability to edit photos and properly color-correct now!


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