Friday Five

Trying something a little different this week with five things on Friday. :)

1 // Last weekend, we celebrated my niece's first birthday with a Frozen/Valentine's Day party at the park.  She's the sweetest, cutest, happiest little girl and it was awesome to spend a sunny afternoon with her, her big sis (my adorable goddaughter!), and the rest of the family.  As stressed as I am about all things baby, I'm really glad this little one will have cousins close in age to hang out with.

first birthday party at the park
first birthday party at the park
first birthday party at the park
first birthday party at the park

2 // And speaking of cousins, I just found out my sister, who is also pregnant, is being induced next Tuesday!  She has preeclampsia so her docs feel early induction is the best option.  I'm a little worried for her and hoping everything goes okay, but it's exciting to know my little nephew Levi will be here in just a few days!  So many babies in my life right now...

3 // This no-added-sugar thing has been super tricky, and it's only Day 3.  I know I jokingly said sugar is my crack, but that is a legit analogy.  I've even had withdrawal symptoms - headaches, low energy, moodiness.  Kickin' a bad habit ain't easy, folks.

4 // Gia has been super cuddly lately and while I'd like to think it's because she wants to snuggle with me, I think it's really Molly she wants to be close to.  She used to hate being held or sitting on my lap but on Valentine's Day, she randomly decided it's actually not so bad.  When I hold her by herself, she still doesn't fully relax but when Molly is on my lap, too, she crawls off her pillow and snuggles up with both of us.  And normally Molly is a jealous little piggy and doesn't like me petting them both at the same time, but lately she's been perfectly happy letting Gia snuggle while I hold them.  As a result, Gia's been getting a little more cuddly every day and I love it.

guinea pigs cuddling on lap

5 //  We're planning to see Hot Tub Time Machine 2 this weekend.  I know what you're thinking - "It looks so dumb and with all the Oscar-nominated movies still in theaters, isn't there a better use of your time??"  Maybe.  But I thought the same thing about the first one, then decided late one night to watch it on TV and it has become one of my favorite comedies ever.  The sequel looks equally dumb so I'm hoping it turns out to be just as surprisingly enjoyable as the first.


What are your plans for the weekend?




  1. I'm so jealous of all the short sleeves in your photos. Looks like a great time to be in California! We're working on a high of 14 today with 8 inches of snow on the ground, and it sounds like we're in for another mess tomorrow. Can I steal your sunshine? :)

    Isn't it reassuring to hang out with little cousins, nieces and nephews? I have zero experience with newborns -- zero -- and have been panicking at the thought of having my own in less than four months. But we hung out with my 2-year-old cousin and her baby sister a few weeks ago, and just having that fun kid energy really boosted my spirits. Made me think we really can do this!

  2. So many babies! I haven't hung around little kids in a very, very long time so it will be interesting when all of my friends start having babies (we are in that age group now too). I just found out on Friday that one of my school friends is halfway through her pregnancy with her first baby! Exciting times ahead!
    I'm glad you are getting lots of piggy snuggles :)
    Peanut butter has been calling to me, but no withdrawal symptoms as of yet. Except my crackers taste a little dry at morning tea. Need to remember to bring some avocado as a substitute!
    Hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the movie!

  3. Awww cousins are the best and it's wonderful to have so much family so close! And love that the piggies are giving you and each other lots of lovin'


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