A Day in Point Reyes

Being self-employed, The Husband and I don't always get to enjoy three-day weekends the way we did when we worked for someone else.  There's always more work to do, emails to answer, calls to return.  Knowing we'd both end up working Monday, we decided to make Saturday a fun adventure day.  Even though I'm too lazy to actually enjoy exercise, I do love to hike.  So I did a little research and found a new hiking trail for us to check out, just an hour and a half from San Francisco, in Point Reyes.  I had my film camera with me and took most of my photos of the day with that, but I did manage to snap a few on my iPhone to share while the film is being processed at the lab.

We made a day of it and started with a stop at Equator Coffee in Mill Valley.  Their coffee drinks are all made with double-shots of espresso, which is just a little too much caffeine for me, so I opted for a sugar buzz in the form of a hot chocolate and gluten-free chocolate chip bar while The Husband got energized for our hike with a double-shot macchiato.

equator coffee mill valley

Afterwards, we headed straight to Abbotts Lagoon for our hike.  The website claims this hike is only 2.3 miles out and back, but my FitBit said it was actually a little over 4 miles.  It didn't matter though.  Rolling hills, bright green meadows, and golden sand dunes made for the most beautiful and peaceful scenery.  Birds flitted in and out of the lagoon, a family of deer grazed at a safe distance from the trail, while a herd of cattle had no fear of humans and came right up to the trail's edge in search of the perfect munchable grass.  It felt more like a leisurely stroll than a 4-mile hike, and it didn't hurt that the weather was perfectly sunny and 70, too.

Abbotts Lagoon hiking trail in Point Reyes

When we reached what looked like the trail's end, we continued on through the sand dunes past the lagoon to the ocean on the other side.  The Husband waded out into the water a bit but it was a little too chilly for me.  I stayed on shore and took a few photos instead.

Abbotts Lagoon hiking trail in Point Reyes
Abbotts Lagoon hiking trail in Point Reyes

After the hike back, we made the short 15-minute drive back to Point Reyes Station for lunch at Station House Cafe and a brief stop at Cowgirl Creamery before heading back to the city.  Though Cowgirl Creamery makes my favorite cheese ever, Humboldt Fog, we opted for a triple cream camembert-like cheese to bring home instead.  Bonus, all their cheeses are made from pasteurized milk so they're totally safe for pregnant ladies!  All in all, it was a lovely day.  And it still felt like a nice, relaxing weekend even though we both spent Monday working.


What did you do for the three-day weekend?  Anything special?




  1. Oh my! The scenery looks so beautiful! May I just say that I fell in love with Northern California (especially the Mendocino area) by description only via a romance novel series of books set in the area? This was back in the early 00's. I have still never been and your pictures are convincing me more and more that this area should be our next destination for a vacation after our upcoming trip in March.

  2. The Bay Area is just so beautiful! What a lovely adventure you had :) and gorgeous photos too. I can't wait to see the ones from your film camera.
    I live in Australia, so we didn't have a three day weekend, but we do have one coming up this weekend for Australia Day. We are going to celebrate with a board games night, a few glasses of wine, and some fancy Aussie cheese ;)

  3. Ooh, what were the books? I think you'd love a trip to the area! I've only been up to Mendocino once but I loved it so much we're hoping to make another 3-day weekend trip soon!

  4. Happy Australia Day! That sounds like a lovely way to celebrate. :)

  5. It's called the Sea Haven series by Christine Feehan. She said that she based the town "Sea Haven" on Mendocino and after reading the books and falling in love with the series I couldn't help but fall in love with the town as well. Ahh, if you go again, I'd love to see your pictures! What a sight I bet they will be! :)


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