The Sky Is Falling

rain drops on window pane

Stormaggeddon.  Rainpocalypse.  The Storm of the Decade.  The Storm of the Century (keep in mind, we're only fourteen years into this century . . .).  That's what they're calling it, this massive downpour of water from the heavens.  And by massive downpour I mean 2 to 4 inches of rain . . .  And San Francisco is freaking out.  Schools have canceled classes, businesses are closing for the day or instructing their employees to work from home.  I suppose after being in a drought for the majority of the last seven years, and a severe drought for the last three, some people might have forgotten what rain looks like.  Or how to drive in it.  Or that it only melts wicked witches.  But it's just rain, people.  It's not a tsunami, or a hurricane, or a tornado, or even a Nor'easter.  It's rain.  And some wind.  That's it.  Literally.  And I mean literally in the literal sense, not the emphatic sense.

I suppose it's all relative but after living through 50mph+ wind gusts, and below freezing temps for weeks and months at a time, and multiple feet of snow in one day (and that was in Chicago, not the Arctic tundra), it's hard to take the hype seriously.  In fact, I saved my grocery shopping just for today because I'm pretty sure the usual crazies won't be crowding the Trader Joe's parking lot this afternoon.  They'll be huddled in their bunkers eating canned beans or prepping their row boats for the ensuing Noah's Ark-style floods, no doubt.  Meanwhile, I'll have the whole store all to myself to stock up on hot cocoa and egg nog and ingredients for belly-warming stews and soups.  Because what else can one really do when the weather outside is so frightful but drink warm liquids and eat cozy comfort food?

Stay dry, folks.





  1. Weather is all relative, isn't it? My husband, who hails from the great snowy shores of Lake Erie in New York, laughs at our epic freak-outs when we get an inch or two of snow here in Maryland. It often rains here for days on end, if not weeks (hello, tropical storms of 2011), so rain would definitely not bother me! But it's all in what you're used to. Glad you get a nice parking lot to yourself before Christmas -- definitely awesome! :)

  2. Stay safe and dry and I'm so glad you guys are getting the rain


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