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So I sort of stole this idea from Like Want Need but since I've totally slacked on my book reviews over the last few months (let's be honest - the last year), I thought it'd be a nice way to recap books read in 2014.

Reading Goal:  32 books (my age)

Actual Books Read:  33, but I'm working on 34 & 35 (Dragonfly In Amber & What To Expect When You're Expecting, 4th Edition) simultaneously and will probably finish one of them before the end of the year

Favorite Book(s):  A Song of Ice and Fire series (Game of Thrones), David & Goliath, Eleanor & Park

Least Favorite Book(s):  Sacre Bleu.  I hate saying that because I love Christopher Moore, but it was a little difficult for me to get into.  That being said, I really enjoyed Fool (the other Christopher Moore book on my list this year).

Guilty Pleasure Book(s):  The Sookie Stackhouse series.  I like to think of them as bubble gum books - no nutritional (intellectual) value whatsoever but still totally fun to read.  Plus, I watched True Blood so I wanted to read the books that inspired the series (and I ended up preferring the books to the TV show, go figure.)

Easiest Read:  Bringing Up Bebe.  I finished this book in two days.

Funniest Read(s):  Fool (Christopher Moore) & Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk.  Leave it to David Sedaris.

Sweetest Read:  Eleanor & Park.  I don't know any other way to describe this story other than sweet.  It's not all unicorns and roses (Eleanor's abusive & controlling stepdad plays a large role in the story) but the relationship between Eleanor & Park is heartwarming and perfect in its imperfections.

Longest Read:  Blood & Beauty.  The story was interesting, especially since it's based on real historical people and events, but it was pretty dense and took me a while to get through.

Most Fascinating Read:  Beyond Belief.  If you've ever been even a little bit curious about the inner workings of Scientology, this is a must-read.

My goal for 2015 is 33 books, which I totally think is doable considering I reached that this year.  I never thought I'd be a fan of my Kindle but since getting it for my birthday last year, I've read substantially more than I did before.  I still refuse to buy digital books (if I'm going to spend money on a book, I want something tangible to hold in my hands with real pages to turn) but I've checked out most of the books above from the library and for that, the Kindle is amazing.  I love it so much, I bought one for The Husband for Christmas!

What's on your reading list for 2015?  Anything you'd recommend I add to mine?





  1. Since you liked Eleanor & Park, you should read Fangirl - definitely another good read by the author.

  2. Just added it to my list! Thanks for the rec. :)

  3. So many books! I've got loads and loads, especially now that I have my dad on a graphic novel kick. 2015 is going to be a great reading year


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