I'm almost always uncomfortable in front of the camera and even more uncomfortable sharing photos of myself -selfies seem to be the height of vanity sometimes- but I had quite a few outtakes from August's self-portrait theme for the Twosday link up so I thought I'd share a few with you. In doing these, I came up with a character that I wanted to portray through the photos and used that to guide me in the posing and composition to help alleviate some of the awkwardness. Thinking of it as an art project rather than "pictures of me" made it a lot more fun, and I'm pretty happy with how they turned out!

I think this black and white one is my fave. I just wish that a) I'd taken my ring off for the photo and b) I hadn't cut my fingers out of the frame!

What about you? Are you comfortable in front of the camera?





  1. These are all absolutely stunning! So impressive. They remind me of the cover of Marianne O'Hara's Cascade (which is an amazing book, too, by the way).

    I wouldn't say I'm totally comfortable in front of the camera, but I'm not ill at ease, either. I grew up with my mom aiming a lens at my sister and me during any and every milestone (and every hum-drum day in between), so I learned quickly to be okay with being captured.

    In the age of social media, though, I get a little nervous about friends posting silly or unattractive shots from events. Is that weird? I don't stress about my appearance, generally speaking, but the idea of these photos being "out in the world" without my control makes me anxious sometimes.

  2. these are beautiful! I think this is a great way to slowly become more comfortable with self portraits because the bulk of the focus is on your shape and not actually you. I want to try this idea ;)

  3. I feel 100% the same way, it's tough for me to put myself out there. These portraits are all so beautiful though, thank you for feeling comfortable enough to share them!


  4. Hey pretty lady - these are so flipping cool! And no, I don't feel at home in front of the camera but it mostly depends on who's behind it as well

  5. You should definitely try it! Knowing the focus wasn't actually on "me" did help to make it easier, that's for sure. And since I was going more for shape, I felt more comfortable experimenting, too.

  6. Glad you like them, Carina! It definitely took me a while to get comfortable with posting them - this post was sitting in my draft folder with just "add self-portraits" written in it for a few weeks now!

  7. So of course I had to look up that book cover. Very cool, and now I want to read the book, too!

    I don't think the social media thing is weird at all and I kind of feel the same way. Before a few years ago, if a friend took a bad picture of you, only a handful of people would see it (if that). Now, as soon as those same bad pictures are shared, they'll never go away!

  8. I totally know what you mean. It helped that I was the one in front of AND behind the camera for these (if that makes sense).

  9. I think double exposures are a great way to put yourself in front of the camera without feeling too revealed. You look lovely in them! I'm a fan of the last one with the green overlaid on the black. I think if I was the one behind the camera as well as in front of it I might feel comfortable after a few minutes, but when someone else is behind the lens (even my boyfriend) I tend to get into a giggling fit and feel absolutely weird. I think it'll take a lot of practice before I nail it.


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