A Toddler at the Zoo

On yesterday's agenda: Take the Niece to the zoo for her 2nd birthday.  We made a family day out of it (thanks to my father-in-law for some of the photos below!) and met up at the gate right when the zoo opened.  She was so excited to see the animals, she kept doing this little leg-kick dance move while squealing about seeing "George the Monkey" (aka Curious George) and all his animal friends.

"toddler at san francisco zoo"

"toddler at san francisco zoo"
Totally unrelated side note and fair warning for anyone who ever visits San Francisco - even though it's mid-July, the zoo happens to be in a foggy/windy part of town right near the Pacific Ocean.  And even though our neighborhood was sunny and 70 degrees yesterday, jackets, sweaters, and scarves were definitely required at the zoo where it was 61 and foggy ... in the summer... just about seven miles away from our apartment ...  Those San Francisco microclimates are no joke.

"family time at san francisco zoo"
A family of Monarch butterflies.

One of the Niece's requests was to see the giraffes and zebras.  Lucky for us the SF Zoo houses them together in the African Savanna.  They were grazing a bit towards the back of their space, so she didn't see them when we first approached, but eventually she spotted them.  They can tried to hide all they want but they're not exactly the most camouflaged of animals.

"family time at san francisco zoo"

"family time at san francisco zoo"

Before leaving the zoo, we visit the Family Farm where you can get up close with donkeys, pigs, and horses, and brush and feed the goats and sheep.  Those goats know people have food, too, and they are not afraid to walk right up and give a little nudge to get your attention.  These two nanny goats were the least aggressive of the bunch and were perfectly happy sitting still while the Little Human in the Red Coat shove handfuls of food in front of their faces.  The white one on the left loved getting some little scratches behind the ears, too.

"feeding the goats at the san francisco zoo"

After all the cool animals, the highlight of the day was meeting a human dressed in a polar bear suit.  We'd just visited the polar bear exhibit shortly before lunch so bears were fresh on her mind and I'm about 95% sure she thought this guy was one of the polar bears we'd just seen.  When she saw him, she started doing her leg-kick dance move again and shouted, "HOLY MOLY POLAR BEAR!!!" then proceed to rattle off a list of all the other animals she'd seen that day.

"George the Monkey! Zebras! Giraffe! Sea Lion! Penguins! POLAR BEAR!"

She wanted to tell Mr. Polar Bear alllllllll about her day at the zoo and she was not wasting a second with him.  Luckily, the crowd of other kids waiting for their turn to get a photo with the bear thought it was funny, too.  She wouldn't get close enough to hug the bear (it's good to know she has at least a tiny bit of fear when approaching bears....) but she did request a "high five, polar bear!"  If it wasn't the highlight of the day for her, it definitely was for us.  I've never seen someone so excited about a guy in a white bear suit before.

"family time at san francisco zoo"
My niece obviously stole the show when it came to camera time but if you want to see more of the actual animals, check out this post from our last visit to the San Francisco Zoo.  Or check out the zoo for yourself next time you're in town - just be sure to bring a jacket!





  1. OMG I love your neice!! So cute! and seriously? your hubs with her?! I die. So cute.

  2. You always post about the zoo and I still haven't made it all the way there. What a shame. Also, your niece is so cute. It seems like just the other day though you were talking about crocheting something for her. I can't believe she's already two! You three look like such a cute little family :)


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