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Graphic Neutrals

"neutral living room area rugs"

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We are desperately in need of a new rug for our living room so, naturally, I've been window shopping on dem internets lately.  I used to hate area rugs with any sort of pattern on them.  Give me solid neutrals or give me death, I'd say.  (Not really.)  But just as our tastes change when it comes to clothes and shoes and purses and men, so do they change when it comes to rugs.  I'm still drawn to neutrals but I like a little cool graphic pattern mixed in (still can't do florals though... sorry I'm not sorry...).  A simple little design can really spice things up and keep it interesting, don't you think?

Feminine Colorful

"modern living room area rugs"

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The only downside to a neutral rug is that, with the exception of two blueish throw pillows on the couch, our entire living room is neutral (i.e. boring).  We don't have a very big living room, so I'm thinking a nice easy way to add some color would be in a bright, pretty rug.  The Husband furnished most of the living room a few years ago, before I moved in, so there's a distinct "masculine" feel to everything.  I don't mind it since I tend to gravitate that way anyway, but I do love the bright hues and slightly feminine feel these rugs would add to the space.

What do you think, graphic neutrals or bright feminine colors?

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Besides the ongoing rug shopping, we're celebrating my good friend's birthday tomorrow with a wine-tasting picnic party then taking my niece to the San Francisco Zoo on Sunday.  I honestly don't know which day I'm most excited for!  What are your plans for the weekend?





  1. I'm pretty much in love with rug #1! Very fun, different and cool. I'm still learning how to "decorate," and definitely didn't know much about my personal style -- or our marital style! -- until we bought this house. I'm taking my time furnishing it so we pick pieces we love, not just ones that are cheap/available. That means the walls are a little bare for now, but I'm all right with it. :)

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend! Both events sound awesome. I'm hosting a joint birthday party for the family at our new place on Sunday, and this will be the first time many folks have seen it. Can't wait!

  2. I just ordered a rug for our daughter's nursery that I think you may really like! It reminds me of the first set you have. It has stellar reviews and an 8 x 10 was not breaking the bank (put a price alert on it and it should drop from it's current price of $318). We bought it in grey diamond.

  3. Ooh, I do like that rug! And it looks like the size we need is definitely reasonably priced (hello, $135!). Thanks for sharing that link, Laura!

  4. I think that's part of the reason why we've taken a while to update the decor in our apartment. We're kind of still figuring out our joint style, plus I want the things we buy to be things we really love and plan to keep for a while. I'm trying to see these household decor purchases as "investments" rather than just "buy whatever IS the cheapest but doesn't LOOK the cheapest." It's a more grown-up way of thinking, I guess.

    The joint birthday party sounds fun! Almost like a joint birthday party/housewarming party, too. :) Hope you have a great weekend, Meg!

  5. Ooooh, I love the feminine colorful rugs... #4 and 5 to be exact. They're not too feminine either. I think you could get away with those. #5 if you're in need of some sunshine... and #4 is you want to keep things on the cooler side. ;-)

  6. I've been considering a new rug... i love these!

  7. I'm all for naturals but have been dodging the commitment of buying my own rug for almost 1.5 years now... sigh. Why must they be so expensive??


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