Lazy Sunday & Some Web Love

"park bench at sunset"

I decided to change things up and share my Web Love Links on Sunday rather than Friday.  We could all use a little leisurely reading on a lazy Sunday morning, right? ;)

"web love on twentieth street"

First of all, Anthropologie's summer tag sale is happening now. Get it, girl.

A Harry Potter rap? My life is complete.

Themed cafes are becoming a thing. First, we get KitTea opening later this year and now a hammock cafe is working on making its debut in the city. I'm sold!

\\ Speaking of cafes (and food ...), my gluten-free heart needs to feast on all these treats asap.

I've found some inspiration to keep me busy during the off season. Time to shop for guinea pig-sized props!

We'll be spending the 4th of July in the 8th best town to celebrate the patriotic holiday.  Did your town make the list?

Overslept? Great tips to help you feel pulled together in a jiffy, even without that third cup of coffee.

Things you won't regret when you're older. (Number 16: Taking care of your skin. So important!)

Most of the pregnant ladies in my life have popped at this point but I know there are many more of you out there that can relate to this.  First things first, I'm the roundest...

The resilience of the human spirit never ceases to amaze me.

Last but not least, a good friend of mine recently introduced me to 100 Dates of Summer. I read pretty much every post in one afternoon. It's like a modern day San Francisco Sex And The City and I'm kinda hooked.

And in case you missed it...

We shared images featuring Symmetry in this week's Twosday Link Up.

Hulk hands and Chewbacca mask make for a unique wedding day First Look.

Molly & Gia had a girl fight.

Happy Sunday!




  1. Yes to the entire list of things you won't regret when you're older - all of them

  2. ohh youre going to Sonoma for the 4th!! how fun!! No LA cities made the list :/


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