Gia's First Gotcha Day

Last week, we celebrated the one year anniversary of the day we adopted Gia, otherwise known as her first Gotcha Day!  Our youngest little piggy has come a long way in the last year and her sweet personality shows more and more each day.  Her day fell on Memorial Day this year so we indulged her in lots of extra play time outside of the cage and a few helpings of her fave treats - juicy blueberries and apricots fresh off the farm!

"black and white agouti guinea pig"


1 // She's still a bit shy, but she's so much more friendly and trusting than she was a year ago.  Instead of sinking back into her igloo to hide from every hint of sound, she now comes bursting out when she hears my voice and starts purring happily when she gets a little nose scratch or back rub.

2 // Her timidity masks her true intelligence.  Now that she's more comfortable and trusting with us, she's figuring out her own way to communicate with us, too.  For example, when she wants to come out and play she runs to the front corner of the cage, perches her front two paws up on the little ledge, and waits patiently for one of us to come pick her up and take her out.  She started doing this about two or three weeks ago and it's now her clearest way of communicating with us.  She'll sit perfectly still, waiting for 2 or 3 minutes if that's what it takes to get our attention.  Basically, if she's perched on that corner, she definitely wants to come out and play!

3 // She learned 'Up' (standing up on her hind legs on command) pretty easily but she's still a little unsure about 'Kisses' (touching her nose to ours).  She watches Molly give out random Kisses on command but, as trusting as Gia is now, she still sometimes seems to think I'm going to eat her if she gets too close.

4 // Gia has moments of boundless energy, running laps around the living room or chasing her favorite toy up and down the hallway.  It's pretty funny to watch, actually, and it's even funnier to watch Molly's reaction to these little outbursts.  As the older, more mature guinea pig, she seems to be silently shaking her head at that crazy outta control kid.

5 // On the flip side, Gia can also be the laziest animal to ever grace the face of the Earth.  She actually lies down in the hay pile while snacking because it's just too much work to stand on all four paws and eat at the same time.  Yesterday, she even fell asleep in the hay!  When she's at her ultimate laziest, she pushes her igloo right up to the edge of the hay pile so she can lay inside it and munch on the hay right outside her doorway.  What a bum.

Overall, I can't imagine the last year without sweet Gia in our lives.  She alerted us last summer when Molly needed emergency attention and helped cheer Molly up when recovering from surgery again last month.  She brings The Husband and me so much joy with all her crazy antics and brightens each of our days with her funny-but-lazy ways.  It's feels like she's been a part of our little fur family since the very beginning and I can't wait to see how her personality continues to develop and shine in the years to come.  We love you, little piggy-poo.

"black and white agouti guinea pig"

Ho do you celebrate your pets' birthdays or adoption days?





  1. WOW! has it already been a year? i remember your first post about her like it was yesterday. man, where does the time go?!

  2. What a personality! I'm so glad she's growing comfortable with her new family and bffs with Molly. This year will be the first birthday celebration I have with Ryon... I'll have to brainstorm some good ideas leading up to it

  3. my goodness gia is cute! i love how she communicates with you! her face is just the sweetest - i can't get over it!

  4. I know! I can't believe it's already been a year. Time just seems to be flying by faster and faster - I think it's a sign of aging. ;)

  5. They're the best! Smart, cute, playful, and they bond with their humans and come to see them as part of the herd. I never had guinea pigs for pets before Molly but now I'm pretty sure there will always be guinea pigs in my life. :)

  6. Aw, I can't wait to see what you come up with for Ryon! I know animals have no idea it's a special day but I think they do at least realize they're getting a little extra attention and treats. :)

  7. Some of the little expressions on her face make me crack up sometimes. And her personality is just as sweet!

  8. Gosh, I can't get over how adorable Gia looks! And despite reading your blog for so long, I still can't quite believe that guinea pigs are quite intelligent - I've been around dogs more than guinea pigs, and the one time we did have them I was too young to register anything beyong their cuddliness.


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