Gia & Molly | Battle for the Iron Throne

Also known as, the Gray Igloo. The most coveted of all guinea pig property. The opaque dome shades the light just so, allowing perfect privacy for a sleepy guinea looking to rest her lazy head. And Molly and Gia fight for it like Brienne of Tarth and The Hound duking it out over Arya Stark.

They have a second igloo. A purple one, with pretty little sparkles. But it's not quite as opaque as the Gray Igloo (oh yes, this thing has full proper noun status) and thus not as ideal a sleeping spot. Luckily Molly and Gia are never violent with each other. They just fight like stereotypical little girls - with words. Or, at least, guinea pig words.

Squeak squeak squeeeeeeak squee-squeak squeak!

The other night, as I was up lying in bed reading my latest book on the ol' Kindle, I heard the squealing reach a new octave. You see, sometimes after Molly has been snoozing in the igloo for a while, she'll decide to stretch her legs and munch on some hay for a bit, letting Gia have a turn in the Gray Igloo.


And sometimes Molly will just head-butt her way inside when Gia is already sleeping peacefully and kick Gia out so she can make herself comfy. Knowing this little showdown could go either way, I couldn't help but be pulled from my book to watch the drama unfolding before my eyes.

On this particular evening, Molly was inside the Gray Igloo, fiercely defending her territory while Gia stood right outside the little doorway staring her down. As Gia inched her way closer, Molly's squealing ratcheted to new levels. Gia made her move and tried to slip inside but Molly stood her ground and blocked the little doorway. After a few seconds of staring each other down, Molly backed inside the igloo. A few more seconds passed and, just as Gia was about to try again, the Gray Igloo started to move. Little by little, Molly used her head to nudge it all the way to the side of the cage then turned it around so the doorway was up against the side. She essentially made it impossible for Gia to enter.

"guinea pig igloo houses"
The next morning...

Gia quickly realized there was no way she was getting in now, so she waived the white flag of surrender and retreated to the lame purple igloo. And Molly, tucked away and fully enclosed in the Gray Igloo, slept smug in her victory.

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  1. haha, I love this! You need to get their cute little squueeeks on camera. Iron throne...love it.

  2. Wow, that is one devious guinea pig :) I can't judge, though - I never wanted to share with my brother either.

  3. Yep, sometimes I watch them and think "wow, they're the guinea pig versions of me and my sister."

  4. Next up, pulling hair and screaming the B word at each other... Ha!

  5. This made me LOL, mainly because of the mental image in my head


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