Because Aging Really Is Best For Wine And Cheese

Not long ago, I wrote about my search for an anti-aging skin care regime that also helped prevent this weird adult acne business that's been going on since I turned 30.  I firmly believe no one should be fighting gray hairs AND pimples at the same time - that's just a cruel trick by Mother Nature - and while my pimples are never really more than one or two at a time, they are an annoying constant presence on my face.  And I'm soooo over it.

The DIY serums were working great for a while but after a few months, I realized they have their drawbacks.  The first time I traveled with them, one of the bottles leaked and left my toiletries bag looking like the Gulf of Mexico circa 2010.  And that was just for a weekend away in Sonoma.  So when it came time for us to skip off to Argentina for our honeymoon, I knew there was no way those my DIY oils would survive without creating another natural disaster.  I temporarily stopped using them for about three weeks and you know what?  My skin went right back to how it was before.  I realized the oils worked great as long as I used them everyday, but as soon as I stopped, the issues with oily/dry patches and uneven tone/texture came right back.  When we came back from vacation and I started using the oils again, my skin just didn't really respond the way it did before.  It wasn't bad, per se, and I know many people suffer from far bigger issues, but it just wasn't feeling as healthy as I know it could.  I eat a pretty healthy diet, drink plenty of water, take vitamins regularly, and don't wear a lot of makeup.  In fact, most days I wear no make up at all, so my skin really has no excuse for being such a punk.

A few months after we returned from Argentina, my sister-in-law announced she was starting up a new business and invited me to a little wine-and-cheese launch event in Sonoma.*  As a former Pro-Active user, she was radiating with excitement over her hew partnership with Rodan + Fields.  She'd been using the products for a just a few weeks and was already raving about the results.  As a professional actor, her skin gets put through the ringer with all the stage makeup and sweating under those bright theatre lights so if she was having success with something, I was definitely curious about it.

It's hard not to get caught up in the before-and-after photos, the demo products, and the testimonials heard while at the event.  People were experiencing healthier skin - actual lasting improvements in the health and appearance of their skin - at all ages and walks of life.  The results were real and visible, and in some cases quite dramatic.  But one comment made that afternoon really stuck with me.  It was the a-ha moment when I realized why my current skincare regime wasn't quite working as good as it should, and it was about how the products were designed to work.  At the time, I was using one brand of face wash, another brand of toner, and a whole other brand of daytime moisturizer with sunscreen, PLUS the DIY serums at night.  It's probably a similar set up to what most people do.  One brand product for this, another for that.  Each product chosen for its specific benefits and promises of healthier, better skin.  And yet, that healthier, better skin they all promised just wasn't happening for me.  Not quite.  But why?  Is it just that my face is really that stubborn?

Well, no, not exactly.  At my SIL's R+F event, she mentioned that the products were designed to work together in a way that others weren't able to.  The ingredients within the different R+F products work together almost like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, with the final picture being healthy, youthful skin.  What I was doing before with Brand A face wash, Brand B toner, Brand C moisturizer, homemade serums, and whatever other magic potion I could get my hands was like taking random jigsaw pieces from different puzzles and trying to make them fit together.  No wonder the final picture wasn't quite right.

So after taking a few weeks to really think it over (because that's just what I do when it comes to decisions ... you can only imagine what I'm like in a grocery store without a shopping list... ), I decided to try the products.  My number one concern was anti-aging, with pimple combat-and-prevention being a close second, so I signed up for Redefine and added the Unblemish dual pump for spot treatment (I used the website's tool to help figured out what would be best for my needs).  After just two weeks of use, I can definitely see differences in the overall tone and texture of my skin.  The red spots are evening out, the blemishes are clearing up, and the oily/dry combination problem is almost non-existent.  The products have a 60-day full refund guarantee but if my skin continues to improve at this pace, I'll more likely be ordering refills in 60 days!  The results so far are more visible in person but I took before and after photos on my phone to show you the improvements.  Please keep in mind, I used my phone camera really close to my face.  No, my forehead is not actually that large in person.

"rodan and fields before and after photos"
The biggest difference I've noticed is a bit hard to explain.  Before using Redefine, my skin was a combination of oily and dry.  My forehead, nose, and chin would have these shiny oily spots by the end of the day.  The all-natural serums I was using before temporarily evened it out, but I'd still end up with an oily chin and, as you would expect, there seemed to always be some new little pimple popping up around there.  After two weeks using the Redefine system the oily/dry combo has evened out, leaving my nose and chin with a smooth matte look even at the end of the day.  And my formerly dry cheeks and temples are now soft, smooth, and fully moisturized.  It's tough to describe but it's almost like my skin has this natural, powdery soft finish to it that it never had before.  (I think it's easiest to see in this photo directly below and the one above.)  The dark spots on my cheek and chin in the photo below were from two pimples that supposedly went away a few days prior to the "Before" photo but left a little scar in the form of a dark red spot (how thoughtful of them... ).  After just two weeks, those two red spots are almost gone.

"rodan and fields before and after photos"
My cheek area is where I've really started to seem some changes.  My freckles are lightening up, my pores are shrinking a bit, and the overall tone and texture is more even.  A lot of times, I'd get dry patches on my temples and near the edges of my cheeks, that would sometimes even flake a bit like dry skin tends to do.  But my cheeks haven't shown any dry spots since I began using Redefine and the overall tone is becoming more even, with fewer red patches and a smoother texture.

Also, creepiest eyeball photo ever.

"rodan and fields before and after photos"
Not much of an obvious difference yet on my forehead but it's also not really much of a problem area.  I occasionally get breakouts near my hairline, especially when I put product in my bangs, but there were a few fine lines which, if you look closely (above my left eye especially), are almost gone after just two weeks of use.

"rodan and fields before and after photos"
My chin.  Ugh, my chin.  I seem to always have some sort of little breakout going on here, and it's usually attributed to either a) my terrible habit of resting my chin on my palm while I'm working on the computer or b) the oil slick that took up permanent residence on my chinny-chin-chin.  I also have some minor scarring in the area from both childhood chicken pox and breakouts back in college.  The Redefine system seems to be working minimizing those, too, in addition to evening out the oil problem and reducing the pores.  After two weeks of use, the trouble spots on my chin have cleared up, the texture is a lot smoother, and the red spot/scar from the previous pimple is gone.  Plus, there's no big shiny spotlight smack dab in the middle of my chin by the end of the day - woohoo!

"rodan and fields before and after photos"

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with the Rodan + Fields products and the Redefine system.  I was not paid or compensated for this post in any way - these are my real results and my real thoughts on those results.  As a matter of fact, I've been so impressed with the products I decided to become a consultant!  (I also want the consultant's discount when I order my own refill in a few months - can you blame me?)  Rodan + Fields products are not sold in drug stores or department stores so, more than anything, I want to be a resource for anyone else interested in learning more about the products and trying them for yourself.  The links above will take you to my R+F web page and if you're interested in learning more about the products or the company, or just want a little help figuring out what to order, feel free to email me any time (stephanie@stephaniecourt.com)!

*"Leave aging to wine and cheese" is my SIL's fantastically appropriate tagline for her wine country-based business.


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  1. You can definitely see the difference -- so glad you found a fantastic product that actually works for you! So many times items bilked as a fix don't actually change much, and I think most women have experienced that crushing disappointment (and drain on their wallets).

    My skin doesn't put up much of a fight, but my hair . . . well, that's a whole 'nother story.

  2. I'm always so interested in your posts about skin care. I've about had it with what I use, so who knows, I may be talking to you soon :)

  3. It's pretty incredible. I've tried other skin care systems in the past and either had no results or negative results (with one particular product line my skin totally freaked after three days of use and I looked like I had a horrible sunburn!) so to find something that not only WORKS but works even sooner than expected made me a pretty happy lady. :)

  4. We should definitely talk Cristal. I was a little skeptical at first because I just didn't believe something could work be so effective so soon but I'm happy to be proven wrong, that's for sure!

  5. Thanks Meg! I've definitely experienced that disappointment and drain with other products in the past and it sucks. When I first started with the R+F products, I told myself I'd wait until 30 days to write anything about it but when I started seeing changes after a few days, I had to bump up the post just a little bit. I know what it's like being duped by something that doesn't actually deliver so it was hard to keep quiet when I found something that works!


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