Happy Weekend & Some Web Love

The pastel-colored houses kind of reminded me of Easter eggs. Prints available here.

My apartment is vibrating right now.  The ground is rumbling and the windows are rattling.  Seeing as how this is California, you'd think an earthquake was happening but, you'd be wrong.  It's just the construction crew working on the street out front.  I've basically been living and working in a construction zone from 7am to 4pm everyday this week and I'm so ready for the weekend to finally be here.  I'm planning to be lazy all day Sunday, watch as the Husband enjoys his first beer in 40 days, and soak in some sun before returning to the daily grind next Monday (with an update on my 40 Days of Fitness lenten promise, too!).  Do you guys have any big plans for the Easter weekend?

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Stories like Patrick's are why I love volunteering at the shelter.

But it's not just abandoned dogs who need love and attention.  I'd cuddle with Dillie the Deer any day.

Confidence matters.  Just how much is kind of surprising.

Speaking of confidence, the little girl with the adorable sunglasses collection has it in spades.

As does Paddy, the 80-year old ballroom dancer who blew my mind this week.

Do you follow any of these Instagrammers?

#foodporn takes on a whole new meaning.  Literally.

According to this list, I'm finally a real San Franciscan!  (Sidenote: please don't ever call it San Fran.  The people of the City thank you.)

And, just in case you missed it, I've set up a Print Shop for travel photos and other lovely prints.  You may recognize a few from the Twosday series, too.

Happy Weekend!




  1. Yay for a print shop! How exciting. Your photos are so gorgeous, I'm sure I'll wind up making an investment at some point. :) Hope you have a lovely weekend and a happy Easter!

  2. Wow, what did you use to set up your shop? I love it!

  3. Thanks Lix! I just set up a gallery through Pixieset, which is what I use for all my clients' online galleries.

  4. Lovely prints! Glad I stumbled upon your blog! :)

  5. I LOVE this picture! Yesterday I discovered your print shop, there are a few I want to purchase for my new gallery wall! Are the beach images San Diego? That would be perfect since Andrew is from there...

  6. Thanks! Yes, the beach images are from our trip to San Diego last year. Good eye!

  7. Yay! Happy (belated) Easter to you, too! :)


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