Awkward & Awesome | Close Calls & Cuddle Cups

- I almost witnessed an accidental doggie homicide at the shelter earlier this week.  I was heading to the volunteer office to see what new pups needed photos and a few of the big dogs were having a play date in the courtyard in front of the office.  Another volunteer a few yards ahead got to the office door before me, opened up, and headed inside without noticing the sweet little chihuahua who darted out the door, excited to play with the big guys.  One of the big pups was also excited to play - a little too excited.  I knew this might not go so well, so I dropped my water bottle and headed straight for the chihuahua.  Just as I reached him, the big puppy's jaws grazed his little neck.  I scooped him up and backed away before anything could really happen, so I thought all was well.  The big puppy just cocked his head to the side, perked up his ears, and looked at me for a second or two until a nearby ball caught his eye.  There was no aggression in him whatsoever, he just really wanted to play and to him, this little chihuahua was a fun new toy.   He was simply waiting to see if I'd engage him in play.  In the moment, I didn't feel threatened at all and it wasn't until after that I realized just how close that little chihuahua came to becoming a chew toy.

- As if that weren't enough of an adrenaline rush for the next week, I had another heart-pounding moment less than 24 hours later, as I was leaving a City Hall elopement with my clients in the car with me.  We were headed out of the parking garage on our way to a nearby park for post-elopement photos.  As with most parking garages, there are a few blind spots here and there so the crossing traffic in those spots have stop signs.  Most normal drivers obey those stop signs, at least for a second or two to ensure no other cars are coming around the corner.  But just as we were coming around that corner, some young, cool, super hip dude in a white convertible decided not only to not stop at the sign, but to just speed right through it.  This guy was obviously way too cool for traffic signs.  That, or maybe he just didn't see it because he was wearing sunglasses inside a freaking parking garage.  Whatever, either way he ran through it and came within inches of crashing into us.  Literally, inches.  Talk about adrenaline rush - my hands were shaking until we reached the park.  Good to know my brakes work.

- We spent a full day hanging out with the nieces this weekend, and it was pretty awesome all on its own.  We read books, blew bubbles, picked strawberries from my sister-in-law's garden, and went on a walk in search of buda.  Seriously.  We found him on display outside a local store.  My genius niece new it the whole time, too.  She kept pointing in that direction saying, "Walk, buda. Walk, buda."  I doubted her at first until her mom confirmed there was indeed a statue of buda in the direction she was pointing.  This week was full of interesting moments.

- Gia is starting to become quite the cuddly little pet these days.  She has never been a fan of being held and would usually run away when we tried to pet her.  (Molly, on the other hand, will come right up and push against your hand, begging to be pet just like some cats will do.)  But lately, Gia has started to come over while I'm petting Molly and wait her turn for attention, too.  And she especially loves a little scratch on the top of her nose when she's relaxing in her cuddle cup.  Slowly but surely, she's coming around and even purrs now and then while being pet.  It's so cute to see this formerly shy and skittish little animal actually enjoying and even seeking out attention.  Makes me a proud guinea pig parent.





  1. What is it with people and stopping their cars??? I've had so many close calls involving slamming on the brakes because some other stupid driver can't be bothered to stop at a stop sign or a red light. It makes me want to scream and send everyone to mandatory driver's ed.

  2. Ooof I am so glad you weren't in an accident. Be safe out there!

  3. wow!! both of those incidents were scary!! way to say the day with the little chihuahua!!


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