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"twosday submission show some love"
"twosday submission show some love"

My niece loves books, but she especially loves story time with pop.

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  1. So sweet! There's nothing like reading with kids. I practically squeal with delight when my 6-year-old cousin comes trotting over with a story book, and I would happily reenact "The Three Little Pigs" all day!

  2. such a little sweet pea! i couldn't get my act together to link up yesterday, but looking forward to posting some LOVE pics tonight!

  3. She's so adorable! Love it when they already share a love for books at this young age. My daughter is mesmerized by them when we walk into a bookstore or a library. You can literally see her eyes getting bigger. Lovely photos as always.

    PS: hope to join soon again, but life's just a bit hectic at the moment!

  4. Thank you! I've always been a book lover so it's really cool to see other kids -especially my niece- instinctively just love books, too. It's like they somehow *know* there's an adventure on those pages just waiting to be discovered. :)

  5. Me too! She's not much of a talker yet but, at 18-months, she will happily choose a book, hand it over, and plop herself in your lap to hear the story. It's too cute. :)


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