Three Years With Molly | Treat Yo' Self Thursday

"molly's third birthday"

Yesterday, we celebrated Molly's third birthday (well, her "gotcha day" actually since we adopted her and don't know her real birthday).  She got lots of extra pets and cuddles and, her favorite, a little mini photo sesh followed by blueberries.  Seriously, she lives for this stuff.  She loves having attention on her and knows the camera means "sit still and look at mom."  (She also knows the camera means she's going to get some extra blueberries, so maybe that's the real reason she puts up with this stuff...)

Since we're cohosting Treat Yo' Self Thursday with Nicole this week, Molly thought she'd share her top three ways for treating herself on her gotcha day.

One | Eat extra blueberries in the morning, even if that means stealing them from Gia's dish.

Two | Lounge while munching on hay, because standing and eating is just too much work.

Three | Take full advantage of the cushy pillow mom uses for her silly photo sessions.  Just settle in, relax, and get cozy like a true piggy princess.

She's such a spoiled little rascal.

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Welcome to Treat Yo' Self Thursday!

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  1. Hehe, happy 'gotcha day', Molly! That face never fails to make me smile :-) I can definitely go with the blueberries, might give the hay a miss though... ;-) Have a lovely day xo

  2. In my next life, I'm coming back as one of your guinea pigs

  3. Aww, look at that face! Molly is so cute! And cute post idea for Treat Yo Self Thursday! :)

  4. Eeeps! I just want to cuddle that cutie :) We pig-sat a little guinea and it was the most fun. Such sweet little critters!

  5. Oh she's so cute! I had a guinea pig named Buffalo as a kid, and she was surprisingly cuddly and sweet. I definitely miss having such a dear little pet!

  6. Aww, Molly is just too sweet! Happy Belated "Gotcha Day" Molly!!! =) I had a piggie that looked a lot like her. I miss him ; ) Enjoy your weekend!

  7. Happy Birthday Molly! I have my own little Molly at home (well, maybe not so little, she's a malamute...) and we celebrate her "leg day" rahter than her birthday because it was the day she came home to us after her leg was amputated (car + dog = bad) and we are so grateful that she did. Mollys of every shape and size are here to bring sunshine to our lives :)
    Enjoy your blueberries Molly!

  8. I am constantly amazed by how sweet and affectionate they are! Such great little pets :)

  9. Aren't they the best? So easy to care for too!

  10. Molly the Malamute - I love it! Sounds like the perfect day to celebrate your sweet girl. That must have been so scary for you guys to go through. I'm glad to hear your Molly is happy, healthy, and still spreading the sunshine. :)


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