Happy Weekend & Some Web Love

"Painted Ladies at twilight"
Gray skies and lots of rain.  That's what's on the forecast for SF this weekend.  Obviously, I'm okay with that.  Rain is my favorite weather after all.  Don't get me wrong, I revel in a warm sunny day but the rain is far more romantic.  The swollen gray clouds hanging low, threatening to burst at any moment and wash the world away with their contents.  The droplets of water pitter-pattering on the windows and rooftops, drowning out the rough city noises and chatter.  The puddles - oh, the puddles! - pooling together on the sidewalks and street corners waiting for the next adventurer to make a splash.  The Sun is resting, napping, taking a much deserved break from all the shining and warming it’s been doing around here lately.  It’ll be back again, to redden our cheeks and tan our skin, but for now, while the parched earth still cries out for a drink and the trees sway with joy at the finally-falling water, it’s the Rain’s time to shine.

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And now, some web love.

Are you a highly sensitive person?  Turns out, that may not be such a bad thing after all.

Thank god I've decided to do 40 Days of Fitness for Lent again this year, because Ben & Jerry's new core flavors - especially Hazed & Confused - mean trouble for my booty.

Learning how to just say "Thank you" when someone gives you a compliment could literally save your life.

I wish I had just a fraction of this little girl's crafting & dressmaking abilities when I was her age.

I have a weird nerdy crush on Paul Rudd (ever since Clueless, really) and his lip-sync battle with Jimmy Fallon just makes me love him even more.

Anyone down for a cross-country road trip?  We'll have at least one must-do for every state to keep us busy.

The deep sea both terrifies and fascinates me, and this is just one example of why.

This week's Twosday submissions were all kinds of abstract and awesome!

Finally, we all know Cosmo and Glamour sometimes give women questionable love advice but did you ever wonder what kind of advice the men's mags were doling out to our guys?  If any dudes take that stuff seriously, we'll have a lot of work to do, ladies.

Happy weekend!




  1. hahha id already seen most of these links. man i love the internet. that little girl with the paper dresses is AMAZING!!

  2. BEAUTIFUL photo! I seriously can't get over it!

    - www.meyouandhayleylarue.blogspot.com

  3. Right?? Can't wait to see what she comes up with after the Oscars.

  4. You and I feel exactly the same about the ocean


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