Happy Weekend & Some Web Love

"Llao Llao Argentina"

Happy Valentine's Day, lovelies.  I feel like we were just talking about "oh my gosh it's the end of January already" and now, all of a sudden, here we are HALF WAY through February in the blink of an eye.  Whatever.  February brought lots of goodness with it -much needed rain, new clients, and a new niece- so I suppose it's not all that bad after all.  Hopefully it'll bring some nice weather next (and by "nice weather" I mean "more rain for California and normal temps for folks living in the arctic tundra, aka the rest of the country").

I couldn't resist sharing a few gems I've found on the web lately with you today.  Most of these are either pretty sweet or pretty funny so I figured, whether you need to escape mundane work or raging winter storms, these links might do the trick.

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This knock knock joke may have gone a little too far, but I nearly spat coffee from my nose while laughing.  Comedy gold, people.  Comedy gold.

Speaking of coffee, here's a few things you probably never new about America's favorite morning brew.

If you thought this season's Top Chef finale was a bunch of bull dookie, you weren't the only one.  (Nina for the win!)

I hope my bestie and I live to be 100 so we can gossip and the young'uns like these two awesome ladies.

Just in case you need another dose of romance today, don't miss this week's featured engagement session or romantic mountain wedding recap.

How well do you know The Beatles music?  I got every one of these correct, which clearly means I'm living in the wrong decade.

Whatever your thoughts may be on legalizing marijuana in general, it's pretty obvious this plant has more potential than we've realized.

Oh, by the way, crows are going to take over the world.

And before you unpack in your next hotel room, be sure to check under the bed. . .

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Happy weekend!




  1. Okay, I'm in a hotel room right now and you officially just creeped me out big time

  2. Me too! I feel like there are some real comedy gems out there waiting to be discovered/created.

  3. Ha! Hope there weren't any funny smells coming from the room. . . ;)


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