Awkward & Awesome

1. I literally did not leave our apartment for 3 days straight last week.  It was cold, foggy, and rainy, and I had no errands or places to be so I just didn't go ... anywhere.  It seems I've entered the "pre-hermit" stage of life.

2. Valentine's Day.  There, I said it.  I've never really been that into Valentine's Day.  I didn't care much about it as a single gal, I didn't care much about it while dating, and I still don't care much about it now that I'm an old married lady.  I even wrote a paper in college on how Hallmark & Valentine's Day have made love into a manufactured emotion (who knew I was so emo in college?)  But the weird thing is, I actually feel guilty this year for not caring about it.  Like I'm a bad wife or something because I had the gall to tell The Husband "Valentine's Day is the worst possible night to go out for dinner, especially this year because it's on a Friday.  Let's just stay in."  Although, I must say, despite my dislike for the holiday, I would happily accept -and promptly devour- a box of See's candies any day of the year.

1. Our new sweet baby niece was born last night!  We're going to play hooky this afternoon to go visit her in the hospital and finally hear what her little name will be.  We're so excited to meet her, The Husband woke me up at 6am today to show me the photo my brother-in-law texted.  I do NOT wake up that early on the regular so you know she must be something special. ;)

2. I've started volunteering with a local dog shelter in our neighborhood.  Volunteer orientation was a few weeks ago and last night we had a dog behavior & training class where we studied dog body language and practiced commands with a spunky husky named Avalanche.  With those two classes complete, I'm officially cleared to start walking and training the dogs and I can't wait!

3. I've also been keeping a big secret from you, lovely readers.  I don't mean to be annoyingly vague but there's still a lot to get done before making everything official, including a brand spanking new logo for Stephanie Court Photography.  I'm hoping to have it all ready for the big announcement in just a few weeks, though, so sit tight!

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  1. Ooooo can't wait to hear what the big surprise is! And happy early Valentine's Day from one non-mushy girl to another

  2. As also a newly married woman, the only time we had a BIG thing for Valentine's day was when Jeremy and I were doing long-distance. So we'd spend that day together as no professor would argue as to why I needed that day/weekend off. Otherwise? Meh.

    Congrats on all the great things! And we now know whom we can contact when we are ready to adopt a dog.

  3. i have the same Valentine's feelings! it has never been a big deal for me and just this morning my husband asked what we were doing for valentines day.... nothing? eat candy? try to avoid crowds? lol. It is a funny holiday!

  4. I really like Valentine's Day, but I understand what you're saying! As this is our first married holiday, too, I felt this weird pressure to do "a thing" of some kind . . . even though we're not typically the mushy-holiday-couple anyway. We ultimately decided to just cook in and lay low at home, which is just fine with me!

    That's great about the volunteer work with pups, and I'm also eager to hear the announcement! Fun!

  5. do you enjoy volunteering at the shelter? I would love to do that but I'm nervous that I'll want to adopt every dog!

  6. I love volunteering there. I definitely want to bring every dog home but my landlord would freak out and kick us out of our awesome apartment so that keeps me in check. The goal of the shelter is to get the dogs adopted as soon as possible so they really emphasize the fact that we're not just "walking" the dogs, we're teaching them how to trust humans and training them to build relationships with people again. Even though I can't bring them all to my home, it's nice knowing that in a small way I'm helping them get ready to go to their own forever home.

  7. The "first married Valentine's Day" definitely added another element to the guilt! We ultimately decided to order Indian take-out and watch Netflix, which is my ideal Friday night anyway. :) Hope you guys had a great V-Day weekend together!

  8. It's never been a big deal to me as an adult but it was one of my faves in elementary school because we got to wear pink, do art projects, and eat chocolate all day. I guess if I continue to take that approach, it could actually be an awesome adult holiday too. Ha!


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