Highlights of 2013 | The Moments

This is quite possibly my favorite part of being a wedding photographer.  Capturing the little moments that happen in between all the excitement, anxiety, nerves, and general busy-ness of the day.  The real moments.  The stolen glances and quiet smiles, the tear-stained laughter and solemn contemplation.  Nothing staged, nothing directed, nothing planned ... just pure emotion, lovely light, and good timing.

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"stern grove wedding san francisco"
"bride and mom prepping for wedding"
"desert ridge estate wedding san diego"
"bride preparing for wedding ceremony in los angeles"
"bride preparing for wedding day in los angeles"
"mill valley wedding at mountainside home inn"
"groom dressing for wedding ceremony"
"bride writing vows for wedding ceremony"
"wedding day hair and make up for bride"
"wedding day hair and make up for bride"
"stern grove wedding san francisco"
"bride preparing for wedding at ralston white retreat center mill valley"
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"bride preparing for wedding at the palm event center"
"bridesmaids helping bride into wedding dress"
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"bride heading to wedding ceremony in santa barbara""bride prepping for wedding in modesto"
"bride prepping for destination wedding in cancun mexico"
"groom and bridesmaids on cable car in san francisco"
"bride alone in the mirror"
"bride watching guests arrive at old mint in san francisco"
"bride and groom first look at roaring camp railroads"
"bride and bridesmaids before ceremony at santa barbara courthouse"
"bride and father at beach wedding in half moon bay"
"bride and groom during ceremony at santa barbara courthouse"
"mill valley wedding at mountainside home inn"
"bride entering wedding ceremony with dad at church in the presidio"
"desert ridge estate wedding san diego"
"jewish outdoor wedding ceremony in los angeles"
"wedding ceremony at azul beach resort in cancun"
"emotional moments from wedding ceremony"
"father of the bride hugging bride during wedding ceremony in santa barbara""jewish outdoor wedding ceremony los angeles""wedding ceremony at ralston white retreat center"
"bride and groom after ceremony at presidio chapel"
"groom and best man at jewish wedding in los angeles""brides dancing down the aisle"
"bride and bridesmaids at crosswalk"
"bride and bridesmaids in san francisco park"
"bride and groom in vintage getaway car"
"bride and groom at delancey street reception"
"emotion moments from wedding ceremonies and receptions"
"bride and groom at Sam's chowder house reception in half moon bay"
"bride and groom breaking sake at wedding"
"bride and groom dancing at wedding"
"bride greeting guests at afternoon wedding"
"live music performance at wedding reception in mill valley"
"special wedding moments in black and white""special wedding moments in black and white"
"mother of the bride at sam's chowder house reception half moon bay"
"bride and groom dancing at destination wedding in mexico"





  1. These are amazing!!! I absolutely LOVE your work :) You're an inspiration!

  2. Wow! You are so talented! I read that you are located in SF! Awesome! There is a Bay Area Blogger Soiree that is happening this Friday night: http://jforjamie.com/2014/01/attend-the-bay-area-blogger-meetup/ You should check it out! :-)

  3. Well no wonder you wanted to leave law to pursue your dream of photography! These pictures are gorgeous. I especially love the shot of the guest taking a picture with her iPhone with the focus on the iPhone and the bride and groom blurred out!

  4. These are SO GORGEOUS! Seriously. It makes me want to get married again and hire a good photographer!

  5. Thank you so much Caitlin! That photo is one of my favorites too - so much emotion in one little frame. Also, just a little FYI, I do love to travel... ;)

  6. I'm so bummed I had to miss the soiree (I had a session that evening) but I always love finding more Bay Area bloggers. Hopefully there will be more blogger soirees in the future!

  7. Thank you so much! That's one of my faves, too. When I saw her hand casually pop out into the aisle to grab a quick shot, I just couldn't resist. :)


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