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It's the beginning of the year and there's one thing everyone needs come January 1st (no, not a gym membership) - a calendar!  So I popped over to Etsy to browse some 2014 calendars and stumbled upon Irene Suchocki's print shop, Eye Poetry.  I've been a fan of Irene's work for a long time now - hers was one of the first photography blogs I ever started following.  But I read the blog through my handy-dandy reader and never really clicked around and browsed her site.  You can image how happy I was to discover her print shop and her gorgeous calendars.  I'm think the Wanderlust calendar needs to come live on my wall.  It features a new photo from a different city every month - San Francisco, Prague, New Orleans, London, and many more - but if I'm being totally honest, I kinda love every one of her calendars.  Each month showcases a beautiful, frame-worthy photo and a simple, sleek design so, I mean, how could I not love them?

"eye poetry calendars etsy"
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Have you found your 2014 calendar yet?

Happy weekend!




  1. Every year I make a calendar with shutterfly. I love having all my pics from the previous year smiling at me every month! But those prints are stunning. Eye poetry for sure.

  2. Oh some of these are incredibly gorgeous and the scene of London through the fog is EXACTLY how it looks in my heart

  3. I've never made a calendar on Shutterfly but I've been thinking about making one with my photos using Artifact Uprising. Their wooden clipboard calendars look so cool and sleek. :)


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