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It's probably no surprise that, as a photographer, I love looking at pretty photos almost as much as I love making pretty photos.  I've been obsessed with Instagram for quite a while now and I've come to find quite a few Instgrammers who's work is both beautiful and inspiring.  Almost every one of their photos that comes across my newsfeed gets a little red-hearted 'Like' from me, and I don't give my likes out easily.  Their work opens windows into different lifestyles, different perspectives, and different ways of seeing the world.

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1 \\ @benjaminhole
"ben hole instagram"

Ben Hole documents farm life through Instagram and captures animal personalities unlike any other.  His photos make me want to move to a sheep farm and settle into the slow life asap.

2 \\ @sweetthingblog
"sweet thing blog on instagram"

I just love how Jessie sees the world.  Her environmental shots, food photos, and portraits are so interesting and unique, and her blog is quite lovely too.

3 \\ @trashhand
"trashhand on instagram"

I especially love his travel photos.  Nothing instills a bit of wanderlust like scrolling through his Instagram feed.

4 \\ @pauloctavious
"paul octavious instagram"

Paul's Instagram is full of beautiful conceptual photos and lovely portraits.  His photos have a gritty, urban feel that make me want to throw on a leather jacket, grab a strong cup of coffee, and get totally lost in his world.

5 \\ @withhearts
"withhearts on instagram"

I love Cory's environmental portraits and gorgeous shots of the Brooklyn Bridge.  His composition and framing for each shot is especially lovely.

6 \\ @kevinruss
"kevin russ on instagram"

Kevin Russ is another one with stunning landscapes and environmental shots.  He basically lives my dream life - traveling to whatever beautiful locations he likes and shooting awesome photos for prints and stock photography.  He rarely shoots in the square format so his Instagram feed often feels like you're viewing a landscape portfolio or print shop.

Who are some of your favorite Instagrammers?





  1. What a fantastic post! I'm always looking for new IG accounts to follow for inspiration and/or a peek into a region or country that I may never see. So many good ideas above... thank you :)

  2. Oh my. I follow a couple of these already, but they all do fantastic work. Great round-up. ps. I found your blog through Treasure Tromp's ad...I just had to click. Lovely ad photo, lovely blog.


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