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I found another sweet Etsy shop to share with you this gorgeous Friday.  Heritage 1956 features lovely dishes and decorative housewares with a mid-century flare.  Being the avid hunter that he is, I'm sure The Husband would have no objection to adding deer antlers in our home decor, and all those lovely kitchen bits are just dying to be used to serve up an afternoon tea or Sunday brunch.

Do you guys have any big plans for the weekend?  Friend time and football time is all we have on the calendar and I am very much looking forward to it.  Wedding season kicks off next month for me so I don't have too many more weekends where I can relish in the down time.  I plan to take full advantage!

Happy Weekend!




Wise Words | From Dumbledore

I have oh so many little nuggets of wisdom that I've jotted down while reading Harry Potter but this is one of my all-time favorite quotes, and it's so, so true.  That old wizard was a brilliant man.





Twosday | What's for Breakfast?

"twosday photography link up on twentieth street"
"twosday photography link up on twentieth street"

Keeping it simple today.  Fruit, cheese, eggs, and a homemade latte.

For those of you new to the Twosday link-up, the rules are simple:

1. Share two photos every Tuesday with minimal words.

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New Rule! --> 3. Visit 2 other entries and share some love.  Let's support and encourage each other to pick up our cameras (or phones!) and play a little. :)

Next week's theme: Mi Casa (show us a little something around your house)

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Fave Instagrammers

It's probably no surprise that, as a photographer, I love looking at pretty photos almost as much as I love making pretty photos.  I've been obsessed with Instagram for quite a while now and I've come to find quite a few Instgrammers who's work is both beautiful and inspiring.  Almost every one of their photos that comes across my newsfeed gets a little red-hearted 'Like' from me, and I don't give my likes out easily.  Their work opens windows into different lifestyles, different perspectives, and different ways of seeing the world.

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1 \\ @benjaminhole
"ben hole instagram"

Ben Hole documents farm life through Instagram and captures animal personalities unlike any other.  His photos make me want to move to a sheep farm and settle into the slow life asap.

2 \\ @sweetthingblog
"sweet thing blog on instagram"

I just love how Jessie sees the world.  Her environmental shots, food photos, and portraits are so interesting and unique, and her blog is quite lovely too.

3 \\ @trashhand
"trashhand on instagram"

I especially love his travel photos.  Nothing instills a bit of wanderlust like scrolling through his Instagram feed.

4 \\ @pauloctavious
"paul octavious instagram"

Paul's Instagram is full of beautiful conceptual photos and lovely portraits.  His photos have a gritty, urban feel that make me want to throw on a leather jacket, grab a strong cup of coffee, and get totally lost in his world.

5 \\ @withhearts
"withhearts on instagram"

I love Cory's environmental portraits and gorgeous shots of the Brooklyn Bridge.  His composition and framing for each shot is especially lovely.

6 \\ @kevinruss
"kevin russ on instagram"

Kevin Russ is another one with stunning landscapes and environmental shots.  He basically lives my dream life - traveling to whatever beautiful locations he likes and shooting awesome photos for prints and stock photography.  He rarely shoots in the square format so his Instagram feed often feels like you're viewing a landscape portfolio or print shop.

Who are some of your favorite Instagrammers?





The Greatest Generation of Love | A Personal Photo Project

With the husband's grandparents on our wedding day.  They'll be celebrating 68 years of marriage later this year.  They were the inspiration for this project.

Imagine being married for fifty years.  That’s eighteen thousand two hundred and sixty-two mornings of waking up next to the love of your life.  Drinking coffee together, reading the morning paper.  Laughing over dinner, holding hands while watching evening TV.  Witnessing the little seedling of love you planted decades ago on your wedding day blossom into the physical manifestation of children, grandchildren, maybe even great-grandchildren.  Your whole family exists simply because the two of you decided to love each other forever.  (And yes, you decided it, because it truly was a choice.  Every time you said “I love you” after a fight, every time you took a deep breath and paused before saying that thing you probably couldn’t take back, every time you held each other through the tough times and embraced each other through the great, it was a choice.)

That kind of long-lasting, endures-through-anything love is a beautiful thing, and something we don’t see nearly enough of these days.  With divorce as prevalent as it is, the 50+ year marriage might soon be a rare thing.  It needs to be documented.  It needs to be remembered.  It needs to be celebrated.  Their stories need to be told.  So when things get tough and options seem limited, we can be reminded that love truly is all you need.  Love for the person you’re with and a commitment to make it last.  That’s what these marriages all have in common, and those are the stories I want to tell.

The project is quite simple, really.  I want to meet people who’ve been married for fifty years or more and document their stories.  How they met, how they fell in love, thoughts on marriage.  So I’ll come by for a visit and we’ll spend an afternoon chatting, asking questions, telling stories, and making a few photos.  Recalling memories of love and good times long ago inevitably stirs up the emotions connected to those memories, so my aim is not just to preserve and share their stories with words, but to capture in pictures the emotions those stories bring up as they’re remembering.  And of course, I’m more than happy to share the photos with their families.

If you know of someone who you think would be interested in participating, please feel free to email me at stephanie@stephaniecourt.com with the subject line “GGL Photo Project.”  Because the project requires meeting in person, I’m only able to meet with people on the west coast at this time, but I’m planning trips to Chicago and Texas for later this year and would love to meet people in those areas as well!

Looking forward to hearing your stories.


(photo by Jeff Marsh)




Kale Chips with Brown Sugar and Sea Salt

"kale chips with brown sugar"

A few weekends ago, we went out to dinner with friends at Grub, a yummy San Francisco restaurant with a very gluten-free friendly menu.  As we were deciding what appetizers to get for the table to share, our friend suggested the kale chips with brown sugar.  "Brown sugar?" I thought.  "With kale...?"  That sounded awful.  Or maybe, awesome?  We were intrigued.  We had to try it.  It was the only way of finding out the truth.

And, oh, what a yummy truth it was.  At first, I wasn't sure what I thought about the chips.  I didn't want to like them because the combo just seemed so strange.  But something about it was really tasty - the earthiness of the kale and the sweet melt-in-your-mouth brown sugar seemed to be the perfect odd-couple pairing.  I immediately decided to try and recreate the recipe, but I kept coming up short.  The taste wasn't quite balanced yet.  It needed something more .. something ... salty ... Cue the sea salt!

I made two batches of these chips, one with the brown sugar added before baking and one with it added after.  Both are delicious and the one you prefer will totally depend on your personal taste.  Adding the sugar before baking allows the sugar to melt and caramelize onto the kale, creating a sweet salty glaze over the chip and adding a little extra crunch as it cools.  Adding the sugar after baking retains the raw sweetness of the brown sugar and allows it to melt on your tongue, rather than in the oven.  The grains of the raw brown sugar combined with the grains of the sea salt add a really nice texture to the chips, too.  Like I said, it's totally a matter of personal taste so both methods are detailed below.

"kale chips with brown sugar"

What You Need:
- Nice big, flat leaves of dinosaur kale
- 1-2 tbsp. olive oil
- Brown sugar, to taste
- Sea salt, to taste

"kale chips with brown sugar"

What You Do:
1. This recipe is so easy peasy lemon squeezy I feel embarrassed even calling it a "recipe."  It's about as straightforward as it goes.  Preheat your oven to 350 and line a baking sheet with parchment paper (or foil).

2. Rinse and thoroughly dry your kale.  You can try using a salad spinner or just patting it down with a kitchen (or paper) towel.  Remove the lower portion of the stem.

3. Brush a thin layer of olive oil over the entire kale leaf.  Sprinkle a bit of sea salt over each of the leaves.  Careful not to use too much though, a little salt goes a long way when it comes to kale.

4. To add the brown sugar before cooking, simply sprinkle the brown sugar over each of the kale leaves the same way you did for the salt, then spread the kale leaves in a single layer on the baking sheet.  It's important to keep them in a single layer and not crowd the sheet so the kale can get crispy.  (If they're too close together, they'll steam instead and be a bit chewy/soggy.)  To add the brown sugar after cooking, skip the brown-sugar-sprinkling above and proceed to layer the salted kale chips on the baking sheet in a single layer.

5. Bake for about 10-12 minutes, or until crispy, then remove from the oven.  If you're adding the brown sugar after, now is the time to do it.  Sprinkle a light dusting over all the baked kale chips and let cool for a few minutes before indulging.  The sugar will melt just a little tiny bit from the heat of the kale chips but it will mostly maintain its texture.

"kale chips with brown sugar"



Linking up with Nicole again today.




Highlights of 2013 | Engagements

Engagement sessions are quite possibly my favorite type of session to shoot.  I basically get to spend two hours hanging out with awesome people and getting to know all about them as individuals, as a couple, and how they became a "We."  On top of that, I'm documenting a special, limited time in their lives.  Most engagements last two years or less, usually much less.  In the grand scheme of life, the time spent actually "engaged" is pretty minimal.  But there's a certain dynamic between two betrothed lovers that's entirely different from the boyfriend-girlfriend dynamic or the husband-wife, we're-finally-married dynamic.  There's an energy, anticipation, nervousness, and a general overabundance of joy between two engaged people that is so special and unique to that specific period in their relationship.  Whether they choose to share the photos with their loved ones or keep them as a private special something just for them, it's a beautiful time in a couple's life that deserves to be captured and preserved.





Twosday | Warm & Cozy

unmade bed in morning light"
"unmade bed in morning light"
It's the warmest and coziest spot in our apartment.

Next week's theme is:  What's for breakfast?

For those of you new to the Twosday link-up, the rules are simple - just share two photos every Tuesday with minimal words.  Remember to grab the button below or link back in your post so more people can join the Twosday party. 

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