Twenty Years

Today is the twenty-year anniversary of my great-grandmother's passing.  I was only 11 when she left us for that great dance floor in the sky - she often said she was looking forward to going to heaven where she could finally dance with my great-grandfather again - but I still think about her all the time and strive to make her proud in all that I do.  She was the family's matriarch in every sense of the word - our connection to family history, our educator on social responsibility and civil rights, and the best hugger and cuddler a kid could ask for.  There are moments when I wish I could go back in time and ask for her advice or share some awesome story with her.  I wish I could tell her about all that I've done - becoming the first woman in my family with a college degree, finishing law school, passing the bar, starting my own business, getting married - not necessarily for her approval but so she knows, I listened to her.  I did my best to make her proud.  And though it's been twenty years since she walked this earth, she never truly left.  She's been in my heart all this time and I know she'll stay with me there forever.

The Great-Grandparents' wedding photo from 1932 ("Grandma Mamie & Grandpa Tony").

L: Grandma Mamie on the left, her mother center, her sister right. She wrote "The Three Fat Ladies" on the back of this photo! | R: Grandma Mamie (second from left) with three of her sisters

Grandma Mamie at 70

She loved make up, especially face powder.  The whiter the better, apparently!

Christmas, 1989

Top Left: with my little cousin Tony | Top Right: with my uncle Tony (lots of Tony's in our family) | Bottom: lovely as ever with pearls and blue eye shadow

Love you for always, Grandma Mamie.





  1. A lovely post. How fortunate that you had that time with her and got to know her in your own right! Though one of my great-grandmothers lived until I was in college, we were far apart geographically and she was in failing health for most of the years I knew her. She is very much alive in the memories of family members, though, and I feel like I've actually gotten to know her more through their stories. Family is so important! Your gram sounds like a lovely woman!

  2. I'm sure she would be so proud of you where you are now


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