Happy Weekend & Some Web Love

Yesterday was quite a busy day!  I had a 5-hour photo shoot, split between morning and afternoon, and I tried to squeeze in some other work during the in-between time.  But I missed you, lovely readers, so I wanted to stop in to wish you a Happy Weekend and share some web love.  There've been some true gems floating around them interwebs lately, let me tell ya.  These are just a few of my faves this week!


I'm not usually one for a cappella but these ladies from Florida State University have done a pretty awesome cover of one of my favorite songs from the summer.  The beatboxing chick in the front row is my new idol.

And, just what the hell is going on with dudes these days?  Kelly has some great commentary on Brooklyn hipster trends but it's not just limited to Brooklyn.  SF hipsters apparently think we're still in the days of gold-mining, too.

I wish these toys were around when I was little but I can't wait to buy them for my nieces and watch them make awesomeness happen. 

Fashion trends guys hate?  I'd love to see what these guys were wearing when they were commenting on women's fashion trends.  Probably something involving waxed handlebar mustaches ...

I never know what to do with cauliflower when it comes in our CSA.  Next time we get some, I'm making this (with gluten free bread crumbs, of course).  Yum!

Beauty and the Beast is my all-time favorite Disney movie.  Belle was the first Disney princess that had brown eyes, brown hair, pale skin, and books for friends - just like me! - but I've often wondered about a few of these unanswered questions myself ...

Adorable kitties doing male model poses?  I die.

On a personal note, I can definitely relate to this awesome spoken word poetry.

Seen anything cool/interesting/funny online lately?

Happy Weekend!!!




  1. Ha! I'm totally cracking up about the Beauty & the Beast questions

  2. So, have to say (this is totally unrelated to your post) that your blog is BEAUTIFUL. Maiedae did a wonderful job with the design. I am so drawn to your photos... they're gorgeous! So happy to have met you, Stephanie. I am subscribing right now :)

  3. Thank you so much! I absolutely loved working with Savannah at Maiedae and I can't recommend them enough. Glad to have a new blog friend :)


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